Katherine Chan­cel­lor & Joann Cur­tis

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In 1976, Joann Cur­tis (Kay He­berle), the over­weight and emo­tion­ally iso­lated wife of col­lege pro­fes­sor Jack Cur­tis (An­thony Her­rera) was en­meshed in tur­moil. Jack had aban­doned her for an af­fair with his stu­dent Peggy Brooks (Pamela Peters Solow) and was re­ject­ing Joann’s rec­on­cil­i­a­tion at­tempts at ev­ery turn.

Shat­tered, Joann sought com­fort with her at­ten­tive friend Brock Reynolds (Beau Kazer),

Katherine Chan­cel­lor’s (Jeanne Cooper) son. Af­ter Jack sued her for a di­vorce, it wasn’t Brock who Joann turned to for sup­port, it was Katherine. De­vel­op­ing a deep friend­ship with each other, Katherine took Joann into her man­sion and the women soon fell in love.

Katherine quickly be­came ob­sessed with Joann and spun a web of lies to keep Jack away. Af­ter Brock re­alised what was hap­pen­ing, he con­vinced Katherine that she was too pos­ses­sive of Joann and she had to set her free. Sens­ing her son was right, Katherine broke up with Joann, end­ing their brief les­bian in­ter­lude and ul­ti­mately their friend­ship.

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