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In shock af­ter RJ and Coco’s car crash, Brooke in­ter­ro­gates her son for an­swers, ask­ing RJ, “How did Coco crash your fa­ther’s car?”

In­ter­rupt­ing RJ, Lieu­tenant Baker also wants an­swers and is shocked when Coco bursts in to ad­mit it was her fault. Her ner­vous­ness and claim that she hasn’t been drinking arouses Baker’s sus­pi­cions as a seething Brooke bluntly says, “You just don’t drive down the street and hit a tree”, won­der­ing aloud if Coco was tex­ting.

Con­fess­ing the truth, Coco withers as Baker stresses that driv­ing and tex­ting is se­ri­ous and il­le­gal. Brooke adds that the teens must face the con­se­quences. “Next time you’re driv­ing, which isn’t go­ing to be for a very long time, you’re not go­ing to be on your phone. Ei­ther one of you,” Brooke in­sists.


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