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The Ashby mar­riage is in cri­sis fol­low­ing Cane’s lies and be­trayal of Lily with Juliet, who’s now preg­nant with his baby. Lily is strug­gling to for­give her hus­band and now that they’ve sep­a­rated she’s in no hurry to take him back. In­stead, Lily is fo­cus­ing on her career and her bud­ding friend­ship with Jor­dan, which is an­tag­o­nis­ing a jealous Hi­lary.

Fi­nally, Lily has made the dar­ing move to sug­gest to Jor­dan that he can do bet­ter than Hi­lary for a girl­friend and, to con­vince him, she has kissed him. Does Lily’s mo­ment of pas­sion with Jor­dan mean that her mar­riage to Cane is ir­repara­ble? Cane and Lily have for­given each other for be­tray­als in the past and they share twins to­gether, which means they’ll al­ways be con­nected.

There’s a lot of his­tory be­tween them so some­thing sug­gests that while Jor­dan may be a pleas­ant dis­trac­tion for Lily now, she’ll ul­ti­mately re­turn to her hus­band’s arms in the long run.

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