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Bore­dom can be paralysing so to as­suage her own empty life, Dina has re­cently taken a po­si­tion at Jabot to work on spe­cial pro­jects. Jack is thrilled to be work­ing with his mother but oth­ers, es­pe­cially Ash­ley, , aren’t happy. She feels that Dina is en­croach­ing on her fa­ther John’s ’s legacy and she may be right.

Ob­vi­ously be­ing at Jabot will leave Dina feel­ing nos­tal­gic for the past and as she re­mem­bers her younger years she may be mo­ti­vated to have a stronger pres­ence at the com­pany, a move that could drive a deeper wedge be­tween her and her chil­dren.

Jack STRIV­ING Dina (Marla Adams) gets am­bi­tious at work.

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