The Mor­gans are about to tear them­selves apart as the di­vi­sions be­tween them reach cri­sis point

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The Mor­gans are about to tear them­selves apart as their grow­ing con­flicts reach cri­sis point, on Home and Away.

When the Mor­gan fam­ily ar­rived in Sum­mer Bay last year, it was with the in­ten­tion of start­ing a new, happy and safe life — and stick­ing to­gether, no mat­ter what.

But right now, this trou­bled clan is any­thing but unified, with the sib­ling four­some fac­ing in­tense fam­ily bat­tles ev­ery way they turn.

And in com­ing episodes of Home and Away, things will go from bad to much, much worse, when the seething anger and bit­ter­ness be­tween Justin, Tori, Brody and Ma­son threat­ens to shat­ter the Mor­gan fam­ily unit.

The re­la­tion­ship be­tween brothers Ma­son (Or­pheus Pledger) and Brody (Jack­son Hey­wood) has reached a danger­ous low, with Ma­son re­main­ing in the wheel­chair with spinal in­juries, caused by Brody dur­ing the dev­as­tat­ing car crash.

Brody is also at war with his big brother Justin (James Ste­wart), who is do­ing ev­ery­thing he can to stop the love af­fair be­tween Brody and his fire­brand lover Ziggy (So­phie Dill­man). Justin wants to keep his trou­bled sib­ling as far away as pos­si­ble from the re­bel­lious wild child.

Justin is also fac­ing a war on an­other fam­ily front, as the brew­ing ro­mance be­tween Tori (Penny McNamee) and Ash (Ge­orge Ma­son) hots up. Justin de­spises Ash, and sees him as noth­ing but trou­ble.

But those ac­cu­sa­tions run both ways, as Tori has been watch­ing the un­fold­ing af­fair be­tween Justin and Scar­lett (Ta­nia Nolan) and be­lieves that Scar­lett might be the most danger­ous woman right now in Sum­mer Bay.

Which makes the sit­u­a­tion in the Mor­gan fam­ily a pow­der keg, ready to ex­plode. All it will take is a spark — the wrong word or com­ment, or a bad de­ci­sion — and this house of cards will come tum­bling down, with shat­ter­ing con­se­quences. And with this much drama sim­mer­ing away, that day is com­ing.

The sit­u­a­tion be­tween Ma­son and Brody has never been so bad. Ma­son is now pos­si­bly fac­ing life in a wheel­chair, ruin­ing all his dreams for an ac­tive fu­ture, all due to the reck­less life Brody has been liv­ing in re­cent months.

It was Ma­son who was beg­ging his way­ward brother to change his ways dur­ing their bit­ter ar­gu­ment, when the car smashed off the road, leav­ing Ma­son crip­pled and Brody with barely a scratch.

The an­i­mos­ity be­tween the brothers has been in a bit­ter way ever since. As Ma­son is try­ing to pull his life to­gether as he at­tempts to learn the way of life of liv­ing with a dis­abil­ity, Brody has al­ready moved on and is en­joy­ing his new love af­fair with Ziggy.

If Brody does feel guilt and re­gret about what has hap­pened, it barely shows. In fact, he seems to be avoid­ing the is­sue as much as pos­si­ble, and is never there to help Ma­son when he needs his brother most

Justin is fu­ri­ous with Brody, who is run­ning around town with Ziggy, cer­tain no one knows about them.

— which is right now. Ma­son is at break­ing point and thinks his life couldn’t get much worse.

But he is in for a shock as a new sur­prise turn will place a big chal­lenge in Ma­son’s road to re­cov­ery -– and it’s one that no one will see com­ing. Ma­son needs ev­ery bit of sup­port right now, and Brody is nowhere to be seen.

This frac­ture be­tween the brothers runs so deep, it might well be some­thing that nei­ther can ever come back from. And what Ma­son has re­alised is that Brody prob­a­bly won’t even no­tice.

Justin is just as fu­ri­ous with Brody, who is run­ning around town with Ziggy, cer­tain no one knows about their top-se­cret ro­mance. Brody thinks he has man­aged to cover all his tracks, but Justin is one step ahead and has long known what is go­ing down.

Justin laid down the law that Brody needs to end the ro­mance with Ziggy, as he fears she is just too wild for any good to come of this af­fair. Justin is just try­ing to keep his brother on the straight and nar­row.

He also be­lieves Ziggy is the last per­son to help Brody get his life back to­gether. This is a woman who en­joys push­ing the lim­its and run­ning wild ev­ery chance she gets —– and that is what Justin knows Brody does not need.

But the more Justin pushes, the more Brody pushes back. He’s about to find out yet again that the way he wants to lead life comes at a cost, which is of­ten paid the most heav­ily by the peo­ple around him.

And when things come crash­ing down again in the fu­ture, Brody is more than likely to walk away scot-free, dust him­self off and do it all over again.

Re­la­tions are no bet­ter be­tween Justin and Tori ei­ther, also be­cause of her ro­man­tic choices. Justin and Ash have been at log­ger­heads since the day they met, and re­main com­mit­ted en­e­mies.

There’s been a sweet ro­mance brew­ing be­tween Tori and Ash in re­cent weeks, push­ing the com­pli­cated brother-sis­ter re­la­tion­ship be­tween Tori and Justin to break­ing point.

The ever-pro­tec­tive Justin just wants the fam­ily to have smoother days ahead than their life in Sum­mer Bay so far, and he knows that will sim­ply never be on the cards with Ash in the pic­ture. Justin be­lieves Ash has never re­ally left his crim­i­nal days be­hind him, and wants him as far away from his sis­ter as pos­si­ble.

But when it comes to call­ing the shots on who Tori gets in­volved with, Justin knows he can­not take a high stand, as his own re­cent af­fair with Scar­lett has been any­thing but smooth sail­ing.

In Tori’s opin­ion, Scar­lett and the bag­gage of her com­pli­cated past mean she is about the last woman Justin should be get­ting in­volved with, but she knows she would be wast­ing her time even mak­ing that point with him.

Which leaves all the Mor­gan fam­ily in a state of cri­sis. The fam­ily that vowed to stay to­gether, no mat­ter what, are about to dis­cover the big­gest en­e­mies they cur­rently face in Sum­mer Bay are each other.

And when this fam­ily show­down fi­nally ex­plodes, it will take down sev­eral vic­tims with it. The days ahead are any­thing but happy for this clan.

ZIGGY (So­phie Dill­man) is hav­ing a “top se­cret” ro­mance with Brody, though a num­ber of peo­ple in fact know about it. Justin Brody

SO MANY IS­SUES The Mor­gan fam­ily (pic­tured in hap­pier days) are now full of con­flict. Justin (James Ste­wart) is up­set about Brody (Jack­son Hey­wood) see­ing Ziggy, and about Tori (Penny McNamee) get­ting in­volved with Ash. Tori dis­ap­proves of Justin’s...

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