Shay hits break­ing point when Ike dumps her for what seems like no good rea­son

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Shay hits break­ing point when Ike dumps her for what seems like no rea­son, on 800 Words.

They only just got back to­gether and now Ike and Shay have split up once again but this time Shay doesn’t even know why. And Ike’s lack of ex­pla­na­tion has sent Shay spi­ralling into an emo­tional state that leads to an epic melt­down in the mid­dle of the Su­per­Store.

Shay (Melina Vi­dler) re­ally is at cri­sis point right now. She had been bliss­fully happy to be re­united with Ike (Alex Tar­rant) af­ter he al­most lost his life in a boat­ing ac­ci­dent. How­ever Ike just hasn’t been him­self since his near-death ex­pe­ri­ence and told Shay he needed to be alone right now.

But Ike’s de­ci­sion just doesn’t make any sense to Shay es­pe­cially since she loves Ike and he loves her too. So Shay is tak­ing out her fury on those clos­est to her — her dad Ge­orge (Erik Thom­son) and brother Arlo (Benson Jack An­thony). The Turner house is not a happy place right now and the boys must be at a loss as to how to help.

The heart­bro­ken teen has been locked in her bed­room try­ing to com­pre­hend why she can’t be with the man she loves.

It is truly con­fus­ing for Shay who re­gret­ted her an­gry words to Ike be­fore the boat­ing ac­ci­dent and was dis­traught that it could’ve been the last thing she ever said to him.

Their ar­gu­ment had been about Shay’s ca­sual at­ti­tude to­wards com­mit­ting art fraud by do­ing paint­ings for fa­mous lo­cal artist Den­nis and sell­ing them off as Den­nis orig­i­nals. The prac­tice had long been un­der­taken by Shay’s boss Katie (Anna Jul­li­enne) when Den­nis was too busy but Shay took it too far and even sold one of her fakes with­out Katie’s ap­proval.

Ike couldn’t be­lieve Shay didn’t see how wrong the whole thing was and felt so un­com­fort­able about her be­hav­iour it led to their nasty blow-up. But once Ike was de­clared miss­ing at sea, Shay knew she be­longed with him and since his mirac­u­lous sur­vival she has wasted no time show­ing her af­fec­tion.

Now their love has come to a crash­ing halt as a dis­tant Ike wants to be alone while he fig­ures out what’s been go­ing on in his head since the near-drown­ing. And Shay would love noth­ing more than to help Ike through this trou­bling time but it’s not what he wants.

This has left Shay at break­ing point and seek­ing com­fort in the four walls of her bed­room. How­ever you can’t stay holed up at home for­ever so in need of sup­plies Shay has fi­nally stepped out­side to visit the lo­cal gro­cery store. What should be a sim­ple er­rand proves too much for this heart­bro­ken young woman and she de­scends into a break­down in the mid­dle of the shop.

The in­ci­dent is cap­tured on cam­era by a cus­tomer who wastes no time up­load­ing the footage to the in­ter­net. Shay runs into the store fridge to

hide and once the video goes vi­ral Ge­orge is called in to res­cue Shay.

It seems now the only thing that will save Shay from her­self is get­ting some con­crete an­swers from her ex-boyfriend. Shay heads over to Ike’s car­a­van to de­mand he ex­plain just why they can’t be to­gether.

Ike re­veals the im­pact of his near-death ex­pe­ri­ence and the spir­i­tual jour­ney he needs to un­der­take alone be­cause of it. His words are of lit­tle com­fort to Shay and don’t heal her bro­ken heart but she agrees to try to un­der­stand. Is this the end for Shay and Ike?

What should be a sim­ple er­rand proves too much for Shay.

TUR­MOIL Shay (Melina Vi­dler) is in­con­solable when Ike (Alex Tar­rant) says it’s over be­tween them.

RE­GRETS Shay can’t un­der­stand why she can’t be with the guy she loves and she’s feel­ing re­morse­ful about the ar­gu­ment they had be­fore his near-drown­ing. (Right and be­low) Shay’s painful time in the fridge at the back of a store is caught on video. DAD TO THE RES­CUE A wor­ried Ge­orge (Erik Thom­son) is called in to help Shay when she has her break­down at the store.

PLEASE TALK Shay goes to Ike’s car­a­van to try to get him to ex­plain. But it’s hard to un­der­stand.

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