Sheila moves in to Eric’s house!

Sheila gets into a vi­cious cat­fight with Quinn, leav­ing Sheila seem­ingly in­jured. So Eric lets her stay at the man­sion

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Mixed re­ac­tions to Eric and Quinn’s rec­on­cil­i­a­tion spread through­out For­rester Creations, but ul­ti­mately most agree that see­ing their pa­tri­arch and founder happy is for the best. Quinn re­it­er­ates her prom­ise to Eric that she’ll never hurt him again as he de­clares their re­la­tion­ship is stronger than ever.

How­ever, one per­son who is mis­er­able that Mr and Mrs For­rester have de­cided to save their mar­riage is Sheila (Kim­ber­lin Brown). She was so cer­tain that she would be­come Eric’s (John McCook) wife again that she even com­mis­sioned an artist to start work­ing on a por­trait of her­self to re­place Quinn’s (Rena Sofer) pic­ture hang­ing over the liv­ing room re­place.

Sheila rea­sons to her­self that Eric for­giv­ing Quinn is a tem­po­rary set­back. Sheila then plots to nd Quinn’s vul­ner­a­bil­ity, then use it against her. Sheila vows that Eric will be hers again.

Quinn drops in at For­rester Creations just long enough to pick up some les so she can work at home. Katie (Heather Tom) gen­uinely con­grat­u­lates Quinn on re­unit­ing with Eric and Quinn is truly touched by the show of sup­port. She ad­mits that she has learned her les­son and will never take her hus­band’s love for granted again. Katie is glad that Quinn’s heart is in the right place now.

As Quinn is leav­ing, she passes Eric in the cor­ri­dor. They kiss and Quinn shares with him that she’s go­ing back to the man­sion. Eric smiles, say­ing that he just wants to check on busi­ness with St­effy (Jac­que­line MacInnes Wood) and he’ll be home soon.

Eric en­ters his of­fice and calls Sheila. Not know­ing that she has al­ready been clued in that he’s taken Quinn back, Eric in­forms Sheila of his de­ci­sion to give his wife a sec­ond chance. Since Sheila has al­ready ab­sorbed the shock of the rec­on­cil­i­a­tion, she’s able to main­tain a calm tone as she claims she wants Eric to be happy.

Eric then men­tions that he left his watch at the ho­tel and he will send an in­tern to pick it up. Sheila in­sists that won’t be nec­es­sary as she will de­liver the watch her­self. Eric thanks Sheila for her thought­ful­ness and wishes her good luck with her fu­ture.

Af­ter hang­ing up, Eric stops by Pam’s (Al­ley Mills) desk and asks her to call se­cu­rity with the in­struc­tions to al­low Sheila into the build­ing when she shows up. Pam is hes­i­tant at rst but Eric rmly tells her to fol­low through with his re­quest.

Later, Sheila ar­rives at the For­rester man­sion in­stead, since Eric ne­glected to tell her that he was at the of­fice. Sheila lets her­self in and lingers in the liv­ing room, re­mem­ber­ing the mem­o­rable times she spent in this very house with Eric.

Quinn comes down from up­stairs and is ap­palled to nd Sheila in her home. Quinn de­mands to know why Sheila tres­passed and Sheila holds up Eric’s watch, ex­plain­ing she is sim­ply re­turn­ing it.

Quinn snatches the time­piece out of Sheila’s hand and or­ders the in­truder to leave. Sheila snick­ers that Quinn may have fooled Eric but Sheila can see right through her cha­rade. Sheila pre­dicts it will only be a mat­ter of time be­fore Quinn dis­ap­points Eric again and will be ban­ished from his life per­ma­nently.

As Sheila turns to leave, Quinn calls her a bitch. Sheila walks up to Quinn and dares her to re­peat what she said. Quinn wastes no time in hurtling the B-word at Sheila again. Sheila re­acts by slap­ping Quinn across the face and a brawl en­sues.

The women wres­tle each other on the oor, their strengths evenly matched. Sheila gets up and grabs ob­jects, in­g­ing them at Quinn, who suc­cess­fully dodges the pro­jec­tiles. Quinn picks up a heavy knick-knack and throws it but misses Sheila and shatters the huge glass table­top in the en­try hall.

Fi­nally, Quinn grabs a re­place poker and takes a cou­ple of swipes at Sheila who man­ages to jump out of the way each time.

Quinn is able to come up be­hind Sheila and starts to stran­gle her with the poker. But Sheila is able to break away and pull the poker out of Quinn’s hands. Quinn falls back onto the oor and Sheila pounces

Quinn calls Sheila a bitch. Sheila walks up to Quinn and dares her to re­peat what she said.

on top of her, push­ing the poker against her throat. Quinn is chok­ing from the force but Sheila doesn’t re­lent. Quinn loses con­scious­ness and her arms and head go limp. Sheila checks to make sure there’s no pulse and seems satis ed not to nd one. She then stands up, straight­ens her hair and calmly re­places the poker on the stand next to the re­place. As she be­gins to walk away, Quinn, who was only fak­ing her death, rises with­out Sheila notic­ing. Quinn chooses a pa­per­weight and pitches it across the room and it strikes Sheila in the back of the head. Sheila col­lapses and Quinn slowly ap­proaches her. She kicks at Sheila’s feet and it seems that she’s out cold. Eric sud­denly en­ters and is aghast at what he nds. Agi­tated, he asks what hap­pened and Quinn says that Sheila at­tacked her. Eric kneels down and feels blood on the back side of Sheila’s head. He yells at Quinn to call 911 but as she be­gins to do so, Sheila groans and wakes up. Eric asks Sheila how she feels and at rst she seems dis­ori­ented, not know­ing where she is. Eric again or­ders his wife to sum­mon an am­bu­lance but Sheila says she doesn’t need one. She sits up and Eric helps her to the sofa.

Sheila in­sists that all she re­quires is a towel so she can stop the bleed­ing. Eric quickly re­trieves one and Sheila holds it to the back of her head.

When Eric again sug­gests that he call for help, Sheila as­sures him she’ll be okay. Eric re­sponds that he will at least have his doc­tor check her over. Later, Eric’s doc­tor comes to the es­tate and ex­am­ines Sheila. He ad­vises that Sheila seek med­i­cal treat­ment but she tells him that she’s a nurse and knows how to take care of her­self.

The doc­tor says he’ll not ad­mit Sheila to a hospi­tal if she has some­one who can stay with her and wake her ev­ery two hours to make sure her head in­jury hasn’t be­come worse. Sheila re­veals that she’s alone and Quinn is stunned when Eric an­nounces that they will take care of Sheila.

Af­ter the doc­tor leaves, Eric helps Sheila up­stairs and into the bed of a guest room. She thanks him for his kind­ness and Eric, much to Quinn’s cha­grin, prom­ises that Sheila can stay un­til she has com­pletely re­cov­ered.

Af­ter Eric and Quinn leave the room so Sheila can get some rest, the pa­tient rises eas­ily out of bed with­out ef­fort. Sheila then chuck­les to her­self that she’s go­ing to be re­cu­per­at­ing in the For­rester man­sion long enough to nd a way to drive Quinn out!

INTERLOPER Sheila (Kim­ber­lin Brown) is de­ter­mined to be­come Eric’s wife again and has even had her por­trait painted to hang above the fire­place. Eric

TOOTH AND NAIL Dur­ing their ugly brawl, Quinn (Rena Sofer) tries to stran­gle Sheila with the poker. But Sheila breaks free and grabs the poker from her. WEAPON OF WAR Sheila (right) chases Quinn with a poker.

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