EN­E­MIES knock­ing at the door

If Hi­lary is at­tacked, will her as­sailant be one of the many ag­grieved foes that she’s made over the years?

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Neil Win­ters

(Kristoff St. John) A long-time tar­get of Hi­lary’s machi­na­tions, Neil was ini­tially blamed for the death of Hi­lary’s mother Rose, spark­ing her re­venge cam­paign.

De­spite seem­ingly for­giv­ing and later mar­ry­ing her, Neil turned against Hi­lary when he was blinded in an ac­ci­dent and she took ad­van­tage of his in­ca­pac­i­ta­tion to con­tinue her shock­ing af­fair with his son Devon be­hind her back. He sought overt pay­back when he found out but has never been a fan of hers


Devon Hamil­ton

(Bry­ton James) Once Hi­lary’s staunch­est sup­porter, Devon nally turned against her when her lies knew no bounds. Hav­ing for­given her ac­tions mul­ti­ple times, he gave up when he dis­cov­ered her cul­pa­bil­ity in Mariah’s of­fice ac­ci­dent, only to al­most kill him­self in a drunken car crash.

As he re­cov­ered, Devon fell vic­tim to Hi­lary’s ef­forts to take ad­van­tage of his am­ne­siac state to win him back but af­ter hav­ing to­tal re­call, he dumped her and they signed divorce pa­pers. He hasn’t trusted her since.

Mariah Copeland

(Cam­ryn Grimes) Treated like a unky and used and abused around the of­fice, Mariah saw red when Hi­lary de­lib­er­ately caused her on­set fall, which hu­mil­i­ated her. They’ve been feud­ing ever since, es­pe­cially about Devon, and there’s noth­ing more that Mariah would like than to bring Hi­lary un­done.

Jor­dan Wilde

(Dar­nell Kirk­wood) Scorned lovers can be lethal and al­though Jor­dan has now ditched Hi­lary, he’s made it quite clear how much he dis­ap­proves of her prac­tices and her con­stant med­dling in Lily’s life. Largely an un­known quan­tity, Jor­dan is also hid­ing se­crets from his past and could prove to be the most lethal of Hi­lary’s de­trac­tors.

Lily Win­ters

(Chris­tel Khalil) Ha­tred is too tame a word to de­scribe Lily’s feel­ings for Hi­lary. She’s loathed the woman she calls a “bitch” ever since Hi­lary be­trayed Neil, and ul­ti­mately Devon, and Hi­lary’s con­stant un­der­min­ing of Lily’s mar­riage only deep­ens the trou­bled Lily’s re­solve against her. The tabloid scan­dals Hi­lary cre­ates would be noth­ing com­pared to the ter­ror Lily would love to un­leash on her.

Cane Ashby

(Daniel God­dard) In­ter­fer­ing in Cane’s mar­riage by goad­ing his se­cret lover Juliet into su­ing him for sex­ual ha­rass­ment and then re­veal­ing her preg­nancy to ev­ery­one has made Hi­lary a tar­get for her former step­son-in-law’s pos­si­ble re­venge. She’s rel­ished pub­licly hu­mil­i­at­ing him and has played a strong part in the de­struc­tion of his mar­riage and so Cane may not want to let those very real griev­ances slide.

Juliet Hel­ton

(Laur Allen) For now, Hi­lary seems to be Juliet’s only friend and con dante but ap­pear­ances can be de­cep­tive. Juliet knows that Hi­lary isn’t above ex­ploit­ing peo­ple’s per­sonal lives but if Hi­lary turns her TV spot­light on Juliet she may be ask­ing for un­fore­seen trou­ble.

Vic­to­ria New­man

(Amelia Heinle) A re­cent en­emy of Hi­lary’s, Vic­to­ria’s threat of pay­back for Hi­lary’s lthy trans­gres­sions against her could be an omi­nous sign of what’s to come. With Vic­to­ria’s un­sta­ble health con­cerns and her er­ratic head trauma prov­ing that she’s un­pre­dictable, any­thing could hap­pen.

Vic­tor New­man

(Eric Brae­den) The renowned mega­lo­ma­niac may have sanc­tioned Hi­lary’s re­cent use of the scan­dalous footage of his phys­i­cal brawl with his son Nick (Joshua Mor­row) but Vic­tor is known for turn­ing against peo­ple in a split sec­ond. He’s also made moves in the past to sue Hi­lary for her ac­tions so when it comes to Vic­tor, al­ways ex­pect the dan­ger­ously un­ex­pected. TVS

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