Hap­pily wed­ded af­ter

En­gaged to be mar­ried, Sonny and Paul are bliss­fully look­ing to­wards a con­tented fu­ture but is Will’s even­tual re­turn set to ruin their set­tled life?

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It’s taken a while but Sonny Kiri­akis and Paul Narita are nally walk­ing down the aisle and pray­ing that mar­ried life brings them ev­ery­thing they’ve ex­pected and wanted. How­ever, the path to this point has been any­thing but smooth.

Since re­turn­ing from an over­seas sab­bat­i­cal in late 2016, Sonny (Fred­die Smith) strug­gled to ac­knowl­edge his rekin­dled feel­ings for his ex-boyfriend Paul (Christo­pher Sean) as me­mories of his de­ceased hus­band Will haunted his ev­ery thought.

Al­ter­na­tively feel­ing guilty and dis­loyal to Will, Sonny kept Paul at arm’s length, pre­fer­ring not to take their bond be­yond friend­ship. It wasn’t un­til Sonny saved Paul’s life af­ter he was shot and later in­jured in an ex­plo­sion while help­ing his fa­ther John (Drake Ho­gestyn) to re­cap­ture the vil­lain­ous Or­pheus (Ge­orge DelHoyo) that it be­came clear Sonny still loved Paul.

Un­for­tu­nately, changes in Sonny’s per­son­al­ity traits pro­voked dis­tance be­tween the guys. Notic­ing that Sonny had changed since re­turn­ing to help deal with Vic­tor’s (John Anis­ton) di­a­bol­i­cal brother Deimos (Vin­cent Irizarry), Paul re­mained wary and dis­liked the tough and men­ac­ing stance Sonny had taken in pro­tect­ing Ti­tan In­dus­tries and Kiri­akis En­ter­prises from Deimos’s clutches. As Deimos’s ac­tions be­came more threat­en­ing, Sonny’s sud­den blood­thirsty at­ti­tude to­wards bring­ing down his un­cle terri ed Paul who ac­com­pa­nied him to Greece to nd ev­i­dence to bring down Deimos.

Se­cretly, Sonny was grate­ful for Paul’s sup­port but all thoughts of love and ro­mance were put aside as he fur­thered his mis­sion. En route home, ev­ery­thing changed when the plane crashed, strand­ing Sonny, Paul and their friends on a de­serted is­land.

Strug­gling for sur­vival, Paul

The pre­sumed dead Will, or some­one who looks like him, is headed home to Salem soon.

con­tracted “jun­gle mad­ness” disease and be­came a mur­der­ous lu­natic. Real­is­ing that his love for Paul was over­whelm­ing, Sonny fought to help him re­cover and when they were all res­cued, clung tightly to Paul on the way home.

Weeks later, Deimos in­ter­rupted their hap­pi­ness when he drugged them and other guests at a party held at the Martin House. Los­ing con­trol of their fac­ul­ties, Paul fell vic­tim to Deimos’s bash­ing at­tack while Sonny fell un­con­scious dur­ing a sub­se­quent bat­tle with him. When it emerged, later in the evening, that Deimos had been stabbed and mur­dered, Sonny quickly be­came a prime sus­pect, think­ing he’d killed Deimos in his drug-in­duced fog.

Ar­rested and jailed, Sonny sat in his cell, leav­ing Paul to valiantly ght to prove his in­no­cence un­til Sonny’s me­mories came back to him and a signi cant lack of ev­i­dence prompted his re­lease. Hap­pily freed, Sonny vowed he was a changed man and asked Paul to marry him. Thrilled, Paul ac­cepted and they cel­e­brated in bed be­fore spread­ing the news. Mak­ing plans, the guys agreed to a dou­ble wed­ding with Chad (Billy Flynn) and Abi­gail (Marci Miller) who were re­mar­ry­ing.

With wed­ding plans un­der­way, the easy­go­ing cou­ple has no idea that the spec­tre of Will is about to hover omi­nously over their hap­pi­ness. The pre­sumed dead Will (Chan­dler Massey), or some­body who looks like him, is headed home to Salem soon and could eas­ily split the lovers apart. The trio’s tor­tured his­tory of be­trayal is bound to be raked over and the strength of Sonny’s love for his rst hus­band will tear him apart emo­tion­ally. He has been, and still is, deeply in love with both men and will now have to choose be­tween them.

Paul SHOCK CHOICES Sonny (Fred­die Smith) has had so many ups and downs with Paul (Christo­pher Sean) but they’re now in a happy place. Is this set to all change?

WHIRL­WIND WARN­ING Will (Chan­dler Massey) is about to wreak havoc in Sonny’s emo­tional life.

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