A fright­en­ing rev­e­la­tion

James tells Sarah the truth about the risen but she has her own deadly mis­sion to ful­fil

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Un­til now all Sarah knew was that her hus­band’s dead wife Kate had some­how come back to life but now she knows he has killed to pro­tect them. Her foggy haze since giv­ing birth is start­ing to lift though and her shock­ing plans for the risen, in­clud­ing Kate, are re­vealed.

It seems Sarah (Emily Bar­clay) has a con­nec­tion with Phil (Rob Collins) who ap­pears to have died and come back to life just like Sarah might have done. They cross paths in the park and their meet­ing leads to clar­ity for Sarah who is now one step closer to ful lling her role in the mis­sion.

Mean­while, Wil­liam (Rodger Corser) has not only re­mem­bered his name but that he is in love with Elishia (Genevieve O’Reilly). The pair en­joy get­ting to know each other again but Elishia, who knows the sci­ence be­hind the res­ur­rec­tions, is wor­ried that the bound­ary in which the risen can sur­vive is shrink­ing.

Elishia meets with Nicola (Pernilla Au­gust), the head of Nore­gard Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cals, to try to nd an­swers about the bound­ary prob­lem. Also look­ing for an­swers is Kirstie (Han­nah Mon­son). She re­alises her teenage best friend might know how she died and wants to track her down with Char­lie’s (Sean Keenan) help.

At the same time Paddy (Ned Den­nehy) is de­ter­mined to see that the MacRaes be­come the right­ful own­ers of the Fitzger­ald es­tate he be­queathed them in a will writ­ten more than 100 years ago. His lawyer be­lieves there is a case if he can prove his own mur­der.

But a sin­is­ter threat has emerged as Phil gets closer to rolling out the mis­sion. He sees his hu­man tar­get and readies his knife. TVS

Elishia is wor­ried that the bound­ary in which the risen can sur­vive is shrink­ing.

RE­NEWED WIl­liam (Rodger Corser) has re­mem­bered that he’s in love with Elishia (Genevieve O’Reilly).

SPE­CIAL TIE Phil (Rob Collins) seems to have a con­nec­tion with Sarah (Emily Bar­clay).

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