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Ea­ger to have her even­tual rec­on­cil­i­a­tion with

Eric certi ed, Sheila sum­mons Beatrice, a lo­cal psy­chic, for a read­ing that will pre­dict her fu­ture. Amid the smell of in­cense, an ob­ser­vant Char­lie sus­pects that there’s more to Beatrice’s pres­ence than meets the eye. Sure enough, he’s star­tled when Beatrice starts sketch­ing Sheila in­stead of pre­dict­ing her fu­ture.

Tack­ling Sheila for an­swers, Char­lie is ab­ber­gasted when Sheila ad­mits that Beatrice is also an artist. Real­is­ing that Sheila wants her por­trait painted, Char­lie knows that Sheila wants to pos­sess the same sym­bol as Eric has gifted his other wives, a por­trait that she in­sists will even­tu­ally take pride of place hang­ing over the For­rester man­tel­piece.


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