Amid grow­ing ten­sion be­tween St­effy, Liam and Bill, the Spec­tra build­ing goes down in ames! On The Bold and the Beau­ti­ful.

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With Spec­tra’s first le­git­i­mate , show­ing fast ap­proach­ing, Sally is de­ter­mined to wow the fash­ion world with their new dar­ing and edgy de­signs. Al­though there’s a lot of ex­cite­ment in the air, there’s also an un­der­cur­rent of trep­i­da­tion since the com­pany’s top de­signer, Thomas For­rester, is un­able to con­trib­ute any of his con­cepts to the col­lec­tion, be­cause he’s tend­ing to a “dy­ing” Caro­line in New York City.

His ab­sence is all due to Bill’s lie about Caro­line’s (Lin­sey God­frey) ill­ness, a de­cep­tion St­effy has sup­ported while Liam has felt shocked and out­raged.

Sally (Courtney Hope) has ac­cepted that Thomas’s place is with the mother of his child, but she misses him ter­ri­bly. De­spite this, Sally knows that the fate of Spec­tra is pred­i­cated on her orig­i­nal de­signs. Will her line be a suc­cess and save Spec­tra from the wreck­ing ball that Bill (Don Di­a­mont) can’t wait to use?

Sally is happy when Thomas (Pier­son Fode) calls her to wish her good luck with the fash­ion show. Sally ad­mits to him that she’s scared but he ex­presses his sin­cere con dence that she will be­come the cham­pion he knows she’s meant to be.

Mean­while, Bill is frus­trated that he can’t con­vince CJ (Mick Cain) to sell the ware­house to Spencer Pub­li­ca­tions. Bill even tries to sweeten the deal by of­fer­ing CJ a tremen­dous cash bonus but CJ Gar­ri­son turns even that down in order to give his cousin a chance.

In order to cre­ate some early pub­lic­ity for the fash­ion show, Sally in­vites Jar­rett (An­drew Collins) to a pre­view in the hopes that he’ll write a favourable cri­tique for Eye on Fash­ion’s web­site. Jar­rett ac­cepts but when Bill learns about the of­fer, he urges Jar­rett to re­view the de­signs with a very crit­i­cal eye.

Liam (Scott Clifton) over­hears his father pres­sur­ing Jar­rett so Liam in­ter­rupts their con­ver­sa­tion to an­nounce that he’ll be at­tend­ing the pre­view as well. Bill is peeved be­cause he re­alises that his son is try­ing to en­sure a fair as­sess­ment.

Liam and Jar­rett ar­rive at Spec­tra, where Sally is sur­prised to see young Mr Liam Spencer. She wel­comes them into her of­fice and the pre­view be­gins.

Three mod­els waltz in wear­ing stun­ning dresses. Af­ter Jar­rett and Liam care­fully sur­vey the de­signs, Sally ex­cuses the mod­els and asks for the men’s opin­ions.

Both Liam and Jar­rett are very com­pli­men­tary as they en­thu­si­as­ti­cally praise Sally’s sneak peek of her col­lec­tion. Jar­rett even pre­dicts that if the rest of the line is as im­pres­sive as what he has seen, then Spec­tra will soon be a huge hit.

Sally is thrilled but a re breaks out in her of­fice when an elec­tri­cal out­let sparks into a waste bas­ket. Luck­ily, Liam grabs a nearby re ex­tin­guisher and im­me­di­ately snuffs out the ames.

Liam and Jar­rett con­grat­u­late Sally on her ef­forts and in­sist they will be sit­ting in the front row of her fash­ion show the next day. Sally is elated over be­ing on the cusp of vic­tory.

Later, Liam in­forms his dad that the Spec­tra col­lec­tion is a win­ner and cau­tions Bill not to get his hopes up about buy­ing the ware­house. Bill is fu­ri­ous and Liam men­tions the un­ex­pected re. Sud­denly, Bill con­ceives a most evil plan.

Bill sum­mons his lawyer, Justin (Aaron D. Spears), and or­ders him to nd some­one

Liam de­mands to know if his father ar­ranged for the Spec­tra build­ing to be de­stroyed.

St­effy con­fesses that she didn’t want Spec­tra to suc­ceed but not un­der these ter­ri­ble terms.

who can torch the Spec­tra build­ing tonight and de­stroy Sally’s de­signs. Justin as­sures his boss he can hire a dis­creet ar­son­ist to carry out the task.

Mean­while, Sally has an elec­tri­cian check out the mal­func­tion­ing out­let but he ad­vises her to get the out­dated wiring in the whole ware­house re­placed as soon as pos­si­ble. Sally doesn’t have the funds to start a project but hopes to­mor­row will be the start of a nan­cial turn­around.

Know­ing that they will be up all night put­ting the nish­ing touches on the col­lec­tion, the Spec­tra gang leaves to have din­ner. When they re­turn, ev­ery­one is aghast to see Sally’s of­fice en­gulfed in ames.

Hys­ter­i­cal, Sally dashes to her of­fice door to re­trieve her de­signs but the re is too big and hot for her to en­ter. She is over­come with smoke but re­men ar­rive in time to carry her out be­fore she goes un­con­scious.

Ev­ery­one is evac­u­ated so the re ght­ing crew can do its job so Sally and her team watch from the car park as the build­ing is burn­ing to the ground. When Sally be­gins to cough un­con­trol­lably, she is whisked to the hospi­tal in an am­bu­lance.

Sally is treated for smoke in­hala­tion and is ad­mit­ted to a room for an overnight stay. Shirley (Pa­trika Darbo), Coco (Courtney Gros­beck), Saul (Alex Wyse) and Dar­lita (Danube Her­mosillo) sur­round her bed to con­sole their leader.

Mean­while, Bill is over­joyed to hear about the re in the news. He looks at the model of the sky­scraper he wants to build on the site and dev­il­ishly smiles.

At the hospi­tal, an anx­ious CJ shows up to check on his cousin. Sally in­sists she’s ne and he’s greatly re­lieved. Shirley then asks how long it will take for the in­sur­ance com­pany to pay for the loss so that Spec­tra can be re­built. CJ laments that he let the in­sur­ance pol­icy on the ware­house lapse be­cause he couldn’t af­ford to main­tain it.

Sally sighs to her com­pa­tri­ots that it’s time to ad­mit de­feat and ac­cept that her beloved Spec­tra Fash­ions is of­fi­cially dead.

The next morn­ing, Liam and St­effy (Jac­que­line MacInnes Wood) — as well as the Spec­tra staff — visit Sally in hospi­tal and she con rms that her com­pany is nished. Liam asks about any in­sur­ance set­tle­ment and Sally re­veals the re­al­ity of that sit­u­a­tion.

St­effy con­fesses that she didn’t want Spec­tra to suc­ceed but not un­der these ter­ri­ble terms. Sally points out that St­effy will never have to worry about Spec­tra again.

Sally then grum­bles at the amaz­ing co­in­ci­dence that be­cause of the re, Bill is able to not only buy the prop­erty from CJ but get it for a mere frac­tion of the big gure it was once worth.

That com­ment strikes Liam strangely and he heads right over to Spencer Pub­li­ca­tions. Liam also shares with Bill that the tim­ing of the re is just far too con­ve­nient. Liam then de­mands to know if his father ar­ranged for the Spec­tra build­ing to be de­stroyed to make way for his mega-struc­ture.

Bill coldly in­structs Liam to aban­don his line of ques­tion­ing but now Liam’s cu­rios­ity is fur­ther piqued. He keeps push­ing for the truth un­til Bill nally claims re­spon­si­bil­ity.

Liam is horri ed that his dad would go to such des­per­ate lengths but Bill rea­sons that it was only a mat­ter of time un­til Spec­tra would fail and be out of busi­ness. Liam is in­censed over such justi cation and voices his ex­treme shame for Bill. Bill or­ders his son to for­get what he knows so they can move for­ward, busi­ness as usual. A dis­il­lu­sioned Liam roars that he will never for­get or for­give what Bill has done and storms out.

Bill is con dent that his part in Spec­tra’s de­struc­tion will never come to light. How­ever, Liam’s next de­ci­sion is about to send shock­waves through­out the busi­ness world!

CRUEL & CALCULATING Bill (Don Di­a­mont) has shown his evil side in or­gan­is­ing an ar­son­ist to burn the build­ing down, so he can erect his sky­scraper. Liam (Scott Clifton) is fu­ri­ous his dad would do this.

HOR­ROR A ter­ri­fied Sally (Courtney Hope) and Saul (Alex Wyse) rush from the fire but she is soon over­come with smoke and taken to hospi­tal.

DE­SPAIR­ING Sally talks with her hospi­tal vis­i­tors (from left) Liam, St­effy (Jac­que­line MacInnes Wood), RJ (An­thony Turpel), Saul, Coco (Courtney Gros­beck), Shirley (Pa­trika Darbo) and Dar­lita (Danube Her­mosillo).

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