It looks like pain ahead in the red-hot af­fair be­tween Ma­son and Beth as each grap­ples with ill­ness and in­jury, on Home and Away.

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There’s been so much de­cep­tion in his life, it’s amaz­ing poor Ma­son Mor­gan can trust any­one these days. And with all he has al­ready been through, the lat­est de­vel­op­ments in his re­la­tion­ship with Beth have now set him on a fast road to heart­break.

Just when Ma­son (Or­pheus Pledger) thought he had found some­one to lead him out of the cur­rent night­mare that was his life in a wheel­chair, he learned that Beth (An­neliese Apps) was ght­ing for her own life, bat­tling a heart con­di­tion and des­per­ately await­ing a trans­plant.

It’s been a cruel few weeks as Beth lied to the crip­pled Ma­son, claim­ing to be a nurse and promis­ing she would help put him on the path to walk­ing again.

Ma­son has been re­ly­ing on Beth for so much, as what she was of­fer­ing was some­thing to live and hope for.

And now, he is deal­ing with not only the fall­out of her de­cep­tion but also that her own world is also fall­ing apart and she faces many chal­lenges.

Beth has been told she is dy­ing and there is lit­tle hope she will sur­vive with­out a trans­plant — and there’s lit­tle chance of that hap­pen­ing in time.

De­spite all that hurt, love is de­ter­mined to have its way, in up­com­ing episodes of Home and Away, as Ma­son nds him­self fall­ing truly, madly and deeply in love with the ail­ing young woman.

What’s ahead is a perfect storm of tears, as these two bro­ken peo­ple nd their lives be­come so tightly in­ter­twined as true love takes hold.

But it’s a per­ilous hold, as nei­ther Ma­son nor Beth know what their fu­tures hold, and there seems no hope of last­ing hap­pi­ness. And yet it’s due to the ten­u­ous state of this sit­u­a­tion, when ev­ery mo­ment of life is so pre­cious, that it’s pow­er­fully bind­ing them to­gether.

With what he has been through in re­cent times, Ma­son feels he has noth­ing to lose and is pre­pared to jump into this love af­fair. As Beth was the rst per­son to throw him a life­line through his dark­est days as he learned to live in a wheel­chair, he no longer cares she was ly­ing.

More than any­one, Ma­son un­der­stands that des­per­ate times force peo­ple into des­per­ate be­hav­iour -– and if Beth needed to es­cape into a fan­tasy role where she was pre­tend­ing to be a nurse, then he un­der­stands that is what she had to do.

More than any­thing, Ma­son knows Beth was try­ing to help by show­ing him a way for­ward; she re­as­sured him he had some­thing to hope for. When no one else could get through to him, her con dent charms were per­sua­sive, and as a re­sult, Ma­son’s ap­proach to his new life turned a signi cant cor­ner.

She con­stantly re­as­sured him and re­fused to al­low him to wal­low in self-pity. “Grab hold of

Beth lied to the crip­pled Ma­son, claim­ing to be a nurse who would help him walk again.

life ev­ery day and go for it,” she or­dered him one day — and he promised to do just that.

So when he ac­ci­den­tally wheeled his chair into the wrong hospi­tal room and found her in a bed, wired up to sev­eral ma­chines as a doc­tor was speak­ing about her treat­ment op­tions while wait­ing for the heart trans­plant, Ma­son was shat­tered. Not only did he dis­cover she had been de­ceiv­ing him, but he also re­alised that some­one he had been count­ing on so much might soon be leav­ing him.

And be­ing left be­hind is some­thing that Ma­son has strug­gled with ever since the death of his par­ents, when the fam­ily was forced to go on the run for the sake of their lives. He has not known a day since when he was not look­ing over his shoul­der, won­der­ing when dan­ger was loom­ing and who might be the next per­son to dis­ap­pear from his life.

Which ex­plains why Ma­son was so in­sis­tent that his brother Brody (Jack­son Hey­wood) change his ways and stop liv­ing on the dark side with drug deal­ers and low-lifes. Ma­son des­per­ately didn’t want to lose yet an­other mem­ber of his fam­ily, and yet it was, in a cruel turn of fate, just when Ma­son was beg­ging Brody to stop his drug-ad­dicted ways that his car crashed, leav­ing the younger brother Ma­son crip­pled.

Ever since, the re­la­tion­ship be­tween the two broth­ers has been at break­ing point, with Ma­son not able to for­give his sib­ling and with the clue­less Brody barely reg­is­ter­ing the shat­tered im­pact the crash has had on Ma­son.

With all this chaos in his clan, it’s no won­der that the ap­pear­ance of Beth in the hospi­tal was such a welcome ar­rival into his life. This was a woman who gave Ma­son one les­son af­ter an­other on liv­ing life ev­ery day to the fullest.

She was ob­vi­ously a good teacher, as now Ma­son is do­ing ev­ery­thing he can to ght back and get through his re­ha­bil­i­ta­tion, in the hope of one day be­ing able to walk again.

But now, he nds he is watch­ing on as poor Beth is be­ing forced to come to terms with her own mor­tal­ity, as there seems no hope for nd­ing a com­pat­i­ble donor for the heart trans­plant she so des­per­ately needs.

Which makes his de­ci­sion to jump head rst into this af­fair with all his heart a reck­less one, as there is ob­vi­ously so much heart­break ahead as Beth be­gins to lose her grip on life.

While his older brother Justin (James Ste­wart) warns Ma­son about get­ting too in­volved too quickly with some­one whose life ap­pears to be com­ing to an end, his words are lost on Ma­son. He doesn’t want to hear one word of rea­son or sense right now.

There is only one per­son Ma­son wants to be with, and that’s Beth. He would rather make ev­ery day they have to­gether count in ev­ery way pos­si­ble than pull away in the hope of pre­vent­ing him­self from get­ting hurt.

It’s too late to avoid that, as hurt is clearly in­evitable in this af­fair, and Ma­son is re­signed to all that ahead for them. For him, it’s all about to­day with Beth. That’s the only thing that counts — for as long as they have.

HEARTACHE DUO Ma­son (Or­pheus Pledger) gained new hope when Beth (An­neliese Apps) stepped in to help him but he was shocked to learn that she also was very un­well. CRUNCH TIME The two broth­ers (pic­tured be­fore the crash) are now at break­ing point. Ma­son (right) can’t for­give Brody (Jack­son Hey­wood).

EV­ERY DAY COUNTS Beth is also fight­ing for her life and Ma­son just wants the two of them to en­joy what­ever time they have left.

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