Woody heads to the out­back to get a di­vorce be­fore Tracey nds out, on 800 Words.

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Happy-go-lucky chip­pie Woody is en­gaged to fel­low Aussie Tracey but be­fore he can walk down the aisle he must get a di­vorce. The prob­lem is Tracey has no idea he’s al­ready mar­ried so Woody, Ge­orge

What ex­actly is Woody go­ing to find when he sees his es­tranged wife Mary?

and Smiler are headed to the out­back to get the pa­pers signed be­fore Tracey nds out.

In­stead of be­ing hon­est, Woody (Rick Don­ald) has in­vented an imag­i­nary so­lar panel con­fer­ence that the men will sup­pos­edly at­tend for their busi­ness ven­ture. And de­spite urg­ing Woody to just tell Tracey (Emma Leonard) what’s go­ing on Ge­orge (Erik Thom­son) has been roped in to the trip at Tracey’s re­quest.

With one out­ra­geous lie on top of an­other, what could pos­si­bly go wrong? There’s ev­ery chance that Tracey will nd out what’s go­ing on be­fore Woody’s back. Weld is a small town where gos­sip spreads very quickly and a sim­ple story snow­balls into a ma­jor catas­tro­phe.

Tracey would be heart­bro­ken to nd out that Woody al­ready has a wife even if they’ve been es­tranged for years. The fact is Woody not only lied by omis­sion, he hid a mas­sive life-al­ter­ing se­cret from her.

If Woody has failed to tell Tracey that he’s mar­ried and not yet divorced what else could he be keep­ing from her? Does it mean Woody doesn’t trust Tracey enough to re­veal his whole past and be him­self with her?

It would be a shame for some­thing like this to come be­tween the Aussie love­birds. The pair were best friends for such a long time and strug­gled to get out of the friend zone un­til Ge­orge gave them a push.

And then Tracey put her ca­reer rst and turned Woody down, wor­ried that she would be dis­tracted from her ap­pli­ca­tion to be school prin­ci­pal. Her de­ci­sion pushed Woody into the arms of sexy new­comer Becks (Es­ther Stephens).

It wasn’t un­til Tracey saw the pair to­gether that she re­alised she truly was in love with him. Then Woody’s near-death ex­pe­ri­ence in a jet-ski ac­ci­dent nally brought Woody and Tracey to­gether and they’ve been bliss­fully happy ever since.

That is, un­til now. Woody will need Op­er­a­tion Quickie Di­vorce to go to plan and ev­ery­one in Weld to keep quiet if he’s to sort out this mess and not hurt Tracey. But what ex­actly is Woody go­ing to nd when he sees his es­tranged wife Mary (Rachael Carpani) for the rst time in more than a decade?

So much could have changed or even re­mained the same. It seems Mary has been hid­ing some se­crets and the rev­e­la­tion could throw all of Woody’s plans into doubt. What Woody doesn’t know yet is that he has a daugh­ter he never knew about.

If Woody wants the girl to be in his life it means he can’t pos­si­bly hide any­thing from Tracey any more. It would also de­stroy the im­age Tracey has had of her fu­ture with Woody. She’s likely pic­tured the two of them hav­ing their own kids and start­ing mar­ried life with­out past bag­gage weigh­ing them down.

How­ever a daugh­ter changes that and would be a con­stant re­minder that Woody lied and went to ex­treme ef­forts to hide the truth rather than be hon­est. How will Tracey re­act to this shock news on top of Woody’s de­cep­tion?

Ge­orge has a bad feel­ing about Woody’s plan. And why wouldn’t he? It seems like so much could go wrong. Tracey might nd out be­fore Woody’s had a chance to ex­plain, Mary might not even want a di­vorce and then there’s the se­cret daugh­ter news to come to terms with. Will Woody’s mis­sion go off with­out a hitch?

IN THE DARK Tracey (Emma Leonard) has no idea that Woody is still legally mar­ried. Will she find out?

MATES ES­CAPE Woody (Rick Don­ald) has to get his lon­glost wife Mary to sign di­vorce pa­pers. So he’s tak­ing his male friends with him to find her. GAME CHANGER Mary (Rachael Carpani) is liv­ing in a re­mote town — with a few se­crets set to sur­prise.

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