For Pete’s sake!

Pete is get­ting se­ri­ous with Gil­lian but is he still in love with Lily?

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Part­ner swap­ping seems to be work­ing for Pete and Gil­lian. Their re­la­tion­ship is get­ting hot, steamy and more se­ri­ous than ever. Does this mean Pete is nally over Lily? Or will Lily start to re­alise she’s not over Pete?

It’s a nice change of for­tune for the un­lucky-in-love Pete (Ian Mead­ows). He has been left to stew over his feel­ings for Lily (Jes­sica Marais) while watch­ing her date Jack (Rob Collins) for months now. So nd­ing a ro­man­tic con­nec­tion with Gil­lian (Natalie Bass­ingth­waighte) has been in­vig­o­rat­ing for the of­ten un­suc­cess­ful Pete.

Get­ting the at­ten­tion of a sexy, award-win­ning pas­try chef must be an ego boost and go some way to­wards mend­ing the pain of his bro­ken heart. Is it pos­si­ble that be­ing with Gil­lian has helped Pete to move on from Lily?

Re­gard­less of Pete’s true feel­ings, it’s a bizarre sit­u­a­tion for the writer to be in and one that sug­gests Pete and Jack have the same taste in women. Gil­lian is Jack’s for­mer lover and her very pres­ence in town has put Lily on edge fear­ing that Jack would stray back to his ex.

And it’s pos­si­ble that see­ing Pete with Gil­lian is mak­ing Lily ques­tion how she re­ally feels about Pete. It would be hard to see your long-time best friend and one-time lover with some­one else, par­tic­u­larly since they also dated your cur­rent part­ner.

Lily may never have re­ally dealt with her own feel­ings for Pete and his dec­la­ra­tion of love be­cause she chose Jack and ed town with him. Since the pair re­turned to Mel­bourne their re­la­tion­ship has hit one se­ri­ous mile­stone af­ter an­other, over­whelm­ing Lily and leav­ing lit­tle time for se­ri­ous con­tem­pla­tion.

So Pete’s new ro­mance must be throw­ing Lily’s own love life into sharp fo­cus. Since things with Jack have been rocky lately could she be won­der­ing if she chose the right man af­ter all? And is Pete ac­tu­ally over her or just dis­tracted by Gil­lian’s at­ten­tion?

HOT CHEF The gor­geous Gil­lian (Natalie Bass­ingth­waighte). LOVE-GO-ROUND Pete (Ian Mead­ows) has had an ego boost be­ing with Gil­lian and it’s also made Lily (Jes­sica Marais) re-ex­am­ine her feel­ings for Pete.


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