Now or never

Toadie makes his fi­nal at­tempt to get back to­gether with Sonya but does she still love him?

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It’s been a long, rocky road since Toadie and Sonya split up and just when it seems like they’ll never get back to­gether Toadie throws down a chal­lenge. He is giv­ing Sonya one last chance to ad­mit she wants to be with him but her old flame Sam is also declar­ing his feel­ings for her.

Though Toadie (Ryan Moloney) has made a lot of progress dur­ing his coun­selling ses­sions with Sam (Alex Tsit­sopou­los) he has put a stop to fu­ture ap­point­ments be­cause Sam has a past with Sonya (Eve Morey). How­ever it looks like Sam will be stick­ing in town longer as he’s go­ing for a job as school coun­sel­lor.

Toadie is ex­tremely jeal­ous and fears that Sam will only get closer to Sonya if he’s work­ing nearby. So Toadie’s brother Shane (Ni­cholas Cogh­lan) steps in to sug­gest to Erins­bor­ough High that for­mer priest Jack (An­drew Mor­ley) would make a bet­ter school coun­sel­lor.

Shane even goes one step fur­ther by giv­ing Toadie a pep talk. It in­spires Toadie to take ac­tion. He’s sick of wait­ing and all their to-ing and fro-ing. He loves Sonya and if she loves him too then she has to meet him at the bridge at sun­set or it’s over for good.

But Sonya is over­whelmed by the chal­lenge, es­pe­cially when Sam ad­mits he does have ro­man­tic feel­ings for her. He won­ders if she feels the same and if they now have a chance at be­ing to­gether af­ter their missed mo­ment all those years ago.

So Sonya has two men vy­ing for her heart: the one who could’ve been and the man she has been mar­ried to and loved for many years and shares a child with.

Time is tick­ing away for Sonya to make her de­ci­sion — who will she choose? TVS

DUSK DATE Toadie (Ryan Maloney) tells Sonya (Eve Morey) to meet him at the bridge at sun­set or it’s over for good.


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