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Mys­tery has sur­rounded Gra­ham Blood­worth from the mo­ment he rst touched down in Genoa City as Dina’s close com­pan­ion and con dant. With the pass­ing of time, shock­ing dis­cov­er­ies about Gra­ham’s past have un­nerved Dina’s chil­dren Jack and Ash­ley as they can’t shake the feel­ing that their mother is in dan­ger.

Ash­ley (Eileen David­son) and Jack (Peter Bergman) have dug deeper for an­swers af­ter learn­ing that Gra­ham (Max Shippee) has lied to Dina (Marla Adams) and every­one that his own mother was dead when in fact the woman, Myrna Blood­worth (Mar­cia Robb), has been se­creted away in a re­tire­ment home in Boca Ra­ton, Florida. How­ever, all Ash­ley and Jack have man­aged to do is raise more ques­tions.

In re­al­ity, Gra­ham ap­pears to be plot­ting with mum Myrna to ex­act re­venge on Dina for some speci c slights that Dina sup­pos­edly com­mit­ted against them years ear­lier. More in­trigu­ingly, the Blood­worths’ rea­sons for hat­ing Dina ap­par­ently in­volve Ash­ley’s no­to­ri­ous bi­o­log­i­cal fa­ther Brent Davis, who, ac­cord­ing to Myrna, de­serted her and Gra­ham decades ago af­ter fall­ing in love with Dina. In phone con­ver­sa­tions with her son, a hate­ful Myrna spewed venom to­wards Dina for steal­ing her man and or­dered Gra­ham not to inch on the re­venge ac­tion they have planned for her. Chastis­ing him for sym­pa­this­ing with Ash­ley’s long-ago shock at dis­cov­er­ing her true parent­age, Myrna bluntly told Gra­ham to fo­cus on pay­ing back “that bitch” and get­ting her chil­dren to turn against her. Caught be­tween Myrna and his own guilty con­science, Gra­ham has oc­ca­sion­ally dropped hints to an un­nerved Ash­ley that they are more alike and con­nected than she re­alises, per­haps al­lud­ing to the pos­si­bil­ity that he is also Brent’s bi­o­log­i­cal child. He also lied to Dina upon be­ing con­fronted by Ash­ley’s dis­cov­ery about his mother, telling her that Myrna is ac­tu­ally his aunt. Dina was shaken and con­fused, enough to counter-threaten that she’ll de­stroy Gra­ham if he acts on his de­sire to ex­pose Ash­ley’s true pa­ter­nity to the world. Fret­ting about his plans and true iden­tity be­ing ex­posed, Gra­ham didn’t count on en­coun­ter­ing an­other Ab­bott ally. Traci (Beth

Mait­land) has also re­turned home to help her sib­lings hunt for an­swers and, stum­bling upon Gra­ham’s photo in an old high school year­book, con rmed to Ash­ley and Jack that the man is Gra­ham Davis!

Con­fronting Gra­ham with the dis­cov­ery that he shares Brent’s sur­name, the Ab­botts weren’t satis ed when Gra­ham hastily backpedalled, lead­ing to a nal show­down.

At a Busi­ness Awards din­ner in which Ash­ley was be­ing pre­sented with the In­no­va­tor of the Year Award, the sit­u­a­tion with Gra­ham nally ex­ploded, lead­ing to life-al­ter­ing changes for the Ab­bott clan.

Gra­ham and Myrna’s ex­po­sure could cause a shock­wave of po­ten­tial tragedy to en­velop the fam­ily. Ash­ley will have to cope with hav­ing a sibling she never knew she had, courtesy of a man and fa­ther she’s de­tested for years, while the fam­ily busi­ness may also be in the ring line.

Per­haps Gra­ham will ma­nip­u­late his way into Jabot, want­ing recog­ni­tion and com­pen­sa­tion for Brent’s aban­don­ment, rea­son­ing that Ash­ley may not be a true Ab­bott ei­ther, yet she’s part of the fam­ily legacy.

There could be even more dis­as­trous con­se­quences for Dina. If Myrna’s re­venge plan comes to fruition, Dina’s life may end up in se­ri­ous jeop­ardy.

SE­CRET PLAN Gra­ham (Max Shippee) seems to be plot­ting with his mother Myrna (Mar­cia Robb) to hurt Dina. And Ash­ley (Eileen David­son) (right) wants an­swers.


SINS OF THE FA­THER Dina (Marla Adams) has be­come Gra­ham’s vic­tim as he tries to get back at her for al­leged wrong­do­ing in­volv­ing Ash­ley’s no­to­ri­ous bi­o­log­i­cal dad, Brent Davis.

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