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At­tired in cruise wear for their planned hol­i­day, Brooke is ab­ber­gasted when Bill can­cels the trip, cit­ing Liam’s ac­tions against him as the cause. De­mand­ing the truth, a sus­pi­cious Brooke is in­censed to learn her husband burned down Spec­tra Fash­ions.

“It’s crim­i­nal,” she rages, adding that Bill is a vile and dis­gust­ing hu­man be­ing! How­ever, Brooke’s rage knows no bounds when Bill also con­fesses to punch­ing Liam for de­thron­ing him as CEO of Spencer Pub­li­ca­tions. Ap­palled, Brooke cries, “Who are you?” not­ing that he’s not the man she fell in love and mar­ried any more.

Cer­tain that he’s planning re­venge on Liam, Brooke in­di­cates that she’s had enough, leav­ing Bill to protest that ev­ery­thing he did was a hor­ri­ble mis­take. Plead­ing with her not to leave him, Bill cries out, “I may lose my son, I can’t lose you.”


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