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Poor Jan (Bri­die Carter) has been fret­ting her whole preg­nancy over who fa­thered her twins. Once they were born it was nally time to do a test.

Ge­orge (Erik Thom­son) had been con­victed over the pos­si­bil­ity be­cause he thought he was done with be­ing a par­ent. But look­ing af­ter Jan’s sons while she re­cov­ered from the birth he re­alised he quite en­joyed it all.

Steve was des­per­ate to be the fa­ther be­cause he loves Jan even though he’s mar­ried to some­one else and Zac was thrilled by the pos­si­bil­ity but once he saw the boys felt no fatherly con­nec­tion. Lucky then that Steve turned out to be the dad af­ter all.

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