Even in the face of Brooke and Tay­lor’s best ef­forts, Liam and Hope’s wed­ding spreads much-needed joy on B&B

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Hope might be the one get­ting mar­ried but it’s mother-ofthe-bride Brooke who’s de­ter­mined to bask in the lime­light as her daugh­ter nally unites with the fa­ther of her un­born child. She even puts aside her griev­ances to ac­cept Hope and Liam’s de­ci­sion to in­vite St­effy – but it’s the news that she’s bring­ing her mother Tay­lor as her “plus one” that causes Brooke to com­pletely lose it!

The last thing Brooke (Kather­ine Kelly Lang) wants is a men­tally dis­turbed psy­chi­a­trist sit­ting in the con­gre­ga­tion, nag­ging away at St­effy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) to stop the wed­ding or try­ing to do it her­self! Des­per­ate to re­scind the in­vi­ta­tion, Brooke im­plores Hope (An­nika Noelle) to see sense... but when her bliss­fully happy

“If any­one here can give just cause why these two should not be wed, they should speak now...”

daugh­ter in­sists on bury­ing the hatchet with her old ri­val, Brooke sum­mons Tay­lor (Hunter Tylo) for a pri­vate pow-wow to thrash it out.

Meet­ing her long­time spar­ring part­ner, Brooke’s re­solve to re­main calm crashes down around her as Tay­lor doesn’t hes­i­tate in ght­ing her daugh­ter’s cor­ner, and slings in­sults about Hope! See­ing red, Brooke lashes out but the sight of the red-up Mrs For­rester only in ames Ridge’s (Thorsten Kaye) ex into play­ing dirt­ier. Fail­ing to con­vince St­effy go­ing to the wed­ding is a bad idea and, ig­nor­ing St­effy’s pleas not to cre­ate drama, Tay­lor pe­ti­tions Liam (Scott Clifton) to aban­don the nup­tials and re­turn to the only wo­man he knows he loves...

Stead­fast in his de­ci­sion to marry Hope, Liam leaves Tay­lor seething in anger as she takes her pew be­side St­effy as the wed­ding be­gins. All’s go­ing well un­til the cel­e­brant Carter (Lawrence Saint-Vic­tor) asks the omi­nous, fate­ful, loaded ques­tion: “If any­one here can give just cause why these two should not be wed, they should speak now...”

Brooke shoots Tay­lor a stern warn­ing to shut her trap and it ap­pears that she’s tri­umphant as her un­happy foe holds her tongue, pre­fer­ring in­stead to scowl darkly through the rest of the cer­e­mony. Once the re­cep­tion gets un­der­way, Tay­lor’s si­lence breaks as she rises to give a speech – but Brooke’s not go­ing to stand for that! Afraid that Tay­lor will trash her lit­tle girl in pub­lic on the most im­por­tant day of her life, Brooke phys­i­cally drags Tay­lor into the kitchen to stop the spec­ta­cle in its tracks!

In the splen­dour of Brooke’s kitchen, the women ex­change a sharp war of words be­fore Tay­lor loses her com­po­sure. Amid a bit­ter to-and-fro of ugly gibes, Tay­lor grabs chunks of the beau­ti­ful wed­ding cake and lobs them at Brooke! Out­raged, she shoves it right back at her neme­sis, un­til their high­pitched cat­er­waul­ing draws the guests’ at­ten­tion.

En­ter­ing the kitchen, Hope and St­effy gape in hor­ror to see their mothers act­ing like naughty kids and re­alise that al­though they’ve patched up their dif­fer­ences, forg­ing peace be­tween Brooke and Tay­lor is go­ing to be harder than ever!


TAKE THE CAKE! It all ends in tiers as Brooke (Kather­ine Kelly Lang) gives Tay­lor (Hunter Tylo) a slice of life Name

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