Ev­ery­one’s favourite pol­lie looks to have met his match, even when he tries to un­wind a lit­tle on Rake

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Sen­a­tor Greene cer­tainly has a full plate at the mo­ment, what with an in ux of new Buz­zS­tay guests, ght­ing the defama­tion suit that his new neme­sis, the pesky right-wing Sen­a­tor Penny Evans, has dumped him in, and steal­ing Ni­cole’s per­sonal mem­o­ries to cause an in­ter-of­fice melt­down. What’s a har­ried guy to do to catch a break from all the mad­ness? En­joy a few of his much-loved vices, of course! But even that’s eas­ier said than done when those pas­times are Fe­males, Foot­ball and Free Lunches. Here’s how Cleaver’s plans for all three go pear-shaped.

Missy, Li-Ming & Wendy

Ah, women! Can’t live with them, can’t live with­out them – and al­though former pros­ti­tute Missy (Adri­enne Pick­er­ing) left Cleaver’s (Richard Roxburgh) or­bit quite a while ago, she’s back and un­der some weird mis­ap­pre­hen­sions about her place in his life! Ap­pear­ing on Cleaver’s doorstep with his baby grand­son Win­some in tow, she in­sists she’s mov­ing in and putting down roots in Can­berra! She’s also got it into her head that she has a new job as Cleaver’s new press sec­re­tary! Des­per­ately want­ing to just have fun with the ladies who leave their bag­gage at the door, Cleaver suc­cumbs to a headache and seeks refuge via science...

Pre­sent­ing a school science award, he’s soon en­am­oured with all parts of the fe­male anatomy when he meets cli­mate science ad­vo­cate Li-Ming Wu (Tas­neem Roc). She’s beau­ti­ful, charm­ing and very in­tel­li­gent. There’s only one thing wrong: Cleaver knows she’s way out of his league.

The one wo­man who is – or at least used to be – into him is his psy­chol­o­gist ex-wife Wendy (Caro­line Bra­zier), who’s now coun­selling politi­cians with per­sonal prob­lems. Cleaver has plenty, in­clud­ing the new gov­ern­men­tal edict that min­is­te­rial di­aries are to be pub­lished, forc­ing him to in­vent ways to cat­e­gorise his hours to pla­cate his ex and the pub­lic. Time for his sec­ond vice...

Off to the footy

Need­ing another breather, Cleaver is do­ing his best to get to the game in time and see his beloved Bun­nies post a win. Un­for­tu­nately, fate con­spires against him again when he gets caught in a traf­fic snarl caused by a car crash. Think­ing quickly, Cleaver bills the stop­page time as a meet­ing with emer­gency health­care pro­fes­sion­als! Af­ter all, pol­lies are all about perks of the job, aren’t they? Fi­nally ar­riv­ing at the ground, things ap­pear to be on an up­swing when he meets gam­ing pro­ducer Be­van Lee (Ewen Les­lie). Be­van’s en­sconced in a cor­po­rate box and sug­gests Cleaver watch the ac­tion in lux­ury and com­fort. Ah, the sweet life! Un­til, of course, his third vice con­spires against him…

Price of a free lunch

Ex­pect­ing to be fed and wa­tered for free, Cleaver set­tles back to be in­dulged, but his sus­pi­cions about Be­van are over­whelm­ing. He’s faintly fa­mil­iar to Cleaver from the past and he won­ders if he can trust him. That fear proves cor­rect when Be­van asks him to sup­port some ques­tion­able pol­icy moves he wants en­acted. Dis­tracted by the game, Cleaver gives his stamp of ap­proval, only to re­alise there’s no such thing as a free lunch! TVS


MISS ME? Missy’s (Adri­enne Pick­er­ing) back on the scene

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