Sami Brady DiMera

TV Soap - - Days Of Our Lives -

(Ali­son Sweeney)

Leav­ing a trail of im­pend­ing dis­as­ter in her wake, Sami de­parted Salem 11 days be­fore Christ­mas last year to spend the hol­i­days with her kids over­seas. Hav­ing slept with Rafe (Galen Ger­ing) be­hind his an­cée Hope’s (Kris­tian Al­fonso) back, Sami re­solved with Rafe to keep it se­cret. How­ever, it was over­heard and later re­vealed by Ciara (Vic­to­ria Kone­fal) at Hope and Rafe’s nup­tials. Just re­cently, Sami RSVP’D “no” to Mar­lena (Dei­dre Hall) and John’s (Drake Ho­gestyn) wed­ding in­vi­ta­tion, be­cause of her ing with Rafe. Mar­lena sus­pected some­thing “strange” was hap­pen­ing with “Samantha Gene,” and all the signs so far are point­ing to Sami re­turn­ing to Salem hav­ing had Rafe’s baby. If that’s the case, things are about to get re­ally ugly in the Mid­west!

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