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Light jog for ve min­utes.


EX­ER­CISE 1: Squats with dumb­bells or body­weight for the front of the legs. EX­ER­CISE 2: Bi­cep curls with dumb­bells for the front of the arms. EX­ER­CISE 3: Plank-po­si­tion moun­tain climbers for core strength and car­dio.


EX­ER­CISE 1: Back­ward­step­ping al­ter­nat­ing lunges for the legs and glutes. EX­ER­CISE 2: Shoul­der press with dumb­bells for the top of the arms and shoul­ders. EX­ER­CISE 3: But­ter y crunches for ab­dom­i­nals and spine ex­ion.


EX­ER­CISE 1: Stiff leg dead­lifts for ham­strings and lower back. EX­ER­CISE 2: Jump­ing jacks for car­dio and adding ex­tra in­ten­sity. EX­ER­CISE 3: Over­head tri­cep ex­ten­sions for the back of the arms. By plac­ing a lower body, up­per body and a core or car­dio ex­er­cise in each part, you can eas­ily swap out ex­er­cises to give your body plenty of va­ri­ety from work­out to work­out. TVS

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