Y&R’s Lily is star­ing down the bar­rel of a stretch in prison over Hi­lary’s death

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1 Her ha­tred for Hi­lary un­did her ul­ti­mately

It’s never been a se­cret that Lily (Chris­tel Khalil) hated her step­mother-turned-sis­terin-law Hi­lary (Mishael Mor­gan). The two reg­u­larly clash­ing over Hi­lary’s in­volve­ment with the Win­ters men. Long con­sid­er­ing Hi­lary to be a money-hun­gry tramp who used her body to charm Neil (Kristoff St. John) and Devon (Bry­ton James), Lily never be­lieved that her men­tor­ship of trou­bled young girl Shauna (Cam­ryn Hamm) was sin­cere ei­ther. Af­ter dis­cov­er­ing Shauna and her son Char­lie (Noah Alexan­der Gerry) were get­ting in­ti­mate in Hi­lary and Devon’s de­serted apart­ment, Lily’s anger was pal­pa­ble as she blamed Hi­lary for en­cour­ag­ing them. This his­tory will in­form her pun­ish­ment.

2She ran the red light and caused the crash

As Shauna un­know­ingly ed the apart­ment, Lily and Hi­lary’s ar­gu­ment be­came so heated that when they re­alised she was miss­ing, they raced af­ter her with­out think­ing of the con­se­quences. Snap­ping, snip­ing and sling­ing in­sults in the car, Lily and Hi­lary failed to no­tice an on­com­ing truck as Lily drove through the in­ter­sec­tion, caus­ing the smash on Hi­lary’s side of the ve­hi­cle. It’s fac­tual ev­i­dence that a court of law sim­ply can’t deny.

3Char­lie & Shauna saw the whole thing

Sit­ting in the back seat, Char­lie had an un­com­fort­able per­spec­tive on his mother and Hi­lary’s ver­bal clash and although he’s main­tained Lily’s care­less­ness be­hind the wheel was an ac­ci­dent, he hasn’t de­nied that she didn’t see the red traf­fic sig­nal. Also see­ing the crash from the across the street, Shauna got a piv­otal bird’s eye view of events and knows that her tes­ti­mony in court could de­ter­mine Lily’s ul­ti­mate fate – and so will Char­lie’s.

4 Devon wants re­venge!

Twisted in grief, and plagued by me­mories of Lily’s Lily long­time ha­tred for Hi­lary, Devon con­tin­ues to ig­nore Lily’s ver­sion of events, in­sist­ing that a part of his sis­ter wanted Hi­lary to die. He be­lieves the only just pun­ish­ment for her ‘mis­take’ is a stint in prison and is vow­ing to have her pros­e­cuted to the fullest ex­tent of the law. He could even com­mit per­jury to en­sure that hap­pens.

5Lily’s guilty con­science

No mat­ter how of­ten she main­tains what hap­pened was un­for­tu­nate, Lily still can’t shake her guilt over the thought of not only killing Hi­lary, but also the baby she and Devon were ex­pect­ing. If she’s not think­ing clearly in court, she could “con­fess” to some­thing she later re­grets.

6Friends and fam­ily aren’t help­ing

Afraid of con­fess­ing her feel­ings pub­licly, Lily re­cently con ded in Sharon (Sharon Case) that’s been hav­ing night­mares of the ac­ci­dent and be­lieves she’s killed Devon, too. Sharon coun­selled that she has to for­give her mis­take but that’s eas­ier said than done. Mean­while Char­lie and twin sis Mat­tie (Lexie Steven­son) are fa­tal­is­tic that their mother will have to serve jail time and have been try­ing to make iy eas­ier by re­search­ing what women’s pris­ons are re­ally like! , Lily has en­cour­aged them to stay pos­i­tive but be­hind closed doors she’s tear­ful, scared to death that she’ll die if she’s locked up.

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