It looks like a Salem love match will be res­ur­rected for Will and Sonny af­ter all!

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HOW they fell in love

A rm friend­ship formed on high school grad­u­a­tion day quickly led to mu­tual at­trac­tion as Will (Chan­dler Massey) learned Sonny (Fred­die Smith) was openly gay. De­spite shar­ing sim­i­lar feel­ings, Will couldn’t yet be hon­est about his sex­u­al­ity, even though his grand­moth­ers Mar­lena (Dei­dre Hall) and Kate (Lau­ren Koslow) had un­con­di­tion­ally ac­cepted him. An at­tempt at a het­ero­sex­ual re­la­tion­ship with Gabi (Camila Banus) didn’t change Will – but she fell preg­nant, even­tu­ally stand­ing aside so Will could be with Sonny once he felt com­fort­able with him­self. Brief sep­a­ra­tions fol­lowed when baby Ari­anna’s pa­ter­nity was re­vealed – and then when Gabi’s ho­mo­pho­bic boyfriend Nick (Blake Ber­ris) used Will’s sex­u­al­ity to keep him from his daugh­ter, but even th­ese in­ter­ven­tions couldn’t stand in their way for­ever. Will and Sonny even­tu­ally won ac­cess to Ari­anna and lived as a three-par­ent fam­ily with Gabi to bring up the baby to­gether. Fi­nally, Sonny and Will (then Guy Wil­son) wed in Salem’s rst same-sex wed­ding in April 2014.

CRACKS ap­pear & widen

Af­ter Gabi’s im­pris­on­ment for Nick’s mur­der, the new­ly­weds be­came sole par­ents to Ari­anna – but fol­low­ing Will’s brief so­journ over­seas and re­turn to Salem in De­cem­ber 2014, he found his mar­riage on rocky ground. Sonny was in nan­cial trou­ble run­ning his new night­club and ac­cru­ing debts at an alarm­ing rate. Ded­i­cat­ing him­self to ex­tra jour­nal­ism work to help Sonny, Will was as­signed to pro le in­jured base­ball su­per­star Paul Narita (Christo­pher Sean), who he dis­cov­ered was also gay but in the closet. Us­ing the in­ter­view to get a hot scoop as well as en­cour­age Paul to be open, Will was shocked when Paul se­duced him into bed! Im­me­di­ately re­morse­ful over be­tray­ing his hus­band, Will was ab­ber­gasted to learn Paul was Sonny’s ex! Paul didn’t know Will was Sonny’s hus­band, ei­ther, but af­ter dis­cov­er­ing the in delity, Sonny left Will. Ef­forts to sal­vage his mar­riage back red on Will be­cause Sonny was dis­gusted that he was push­ing Paul to leave Salem. In­stead, Sonny de­parted for Paris to con­sider the fu­ture of the mar­riage...

TORN apart

Any fur­ther rec­on­cil­i­a­tion was nixed Will re­alised that Ben We­ston (Robert Scott Wil­son) was Salem’s no­to­ri­ous Neck­tie Killer! Fate­fully, Will be­came Ben’s next vic­tim while con­fronting him with the ev­i­dence! Dev­as­tated by the aw­ful news of Will’s mur­der, Sonny re­turned home to grieve; even­tu­ally falling in love with a sup­port­ive Paul all over again.

MIR­A­CLE re­vival

Two years later, Will was found alive in Mem­phis, hav­ing been res­ur­rected by Su­san Banks (then Eileen Davidson) and Dr Rolf (Will Utay)! Sonny and Paul’s wed­ding was post­poned thanks to Ben’s rev­e­la­tion that Will was alive! Now Sonny could learn the truth about what re­ally hap­pened to his hus­band. Trag­i­cally, Will had am­ne­sia and no mem­ory of his love for Sonny, so that was a mas­sive road­block! All his ef­forts to re­cover were ex­hausted and he re­solved to move on, crush­ing on Paul – who’d even­tu­ally split from Sonny when he wanted to re­build his mar­riage. Di­vorce was in­evitable for Will and Sonny, and af­ter Paul ac­knowl­edged his feel­ings for Will, they dated pretty se­ri­ously.

In LOV­ING mem­ory

Hopes that Will may re­call his past were re­newed when Mar­lena in­jected him with an ex­per­i­men­tal syn­thetic drug Rolf de­vel­oped to help re­cover pa­tients’ lost me­mories. Paul sup­ported his boyfriend but be­came un­easy when Will be­gan to re­mem­ber frag­ments of his past. Will kept hav­ing the jabs but his me­mories re­mained largely buried un­til Mar­lena and John’s (Drake Ho­gestyn) re­cent wed­ding day, when his grandma’s hap­pi­ness sparked to­tal recog­ni­tion of his love for Sonny!

WHAT’S in store?

This is Salem and the course of true love never runs smoothly, with Will and Sonny al­ready meet­ing ob­sta­cles to their re­union. Paul’s half-brother Brady (Eric Mart­solf) is op­pos­ing their rec­on­cil­i­a­tion af­ter over­hear­ing Will con­fess his love for Sonny; Paul’s life hangs in the bal­ance fol­low­ing the vi­o­lent events at

Mar­lena and John’s wed­ding. Re­al­is­ing he can’t be­tray Paul, Will tells him that his mem­ory re­turned, leav­ing all three men’s fu­tures very un­cer­tain. Paul is now the “in­truder” in one of Salem’s great­est love sto­ries, and although he may even­tu­ally de­cide he can’t com­pete with the chem­istry be­tween the former spouses, he could make life dif­fi­cult and leave them with po­ten­tially in­sur­mount­able new hur­dles to over­come be­fore leav­ing Salem. TVS




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