RE­VENGE is in fash­ion!

The illusion of peace be­tween Hope and St­effy is put to one side when a work strug­gle pro­vokes a sharp re­sponse from Liam’s dis­grun­tled ex-wife! Look out!

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The ink’s still dry­ing on Hope and Liam’s mar­riage certi cate but al­ready the groom is strug­gling with his com­mit­ments to ex-wife St­effy and their daugh­ter Kelly, as well as Hope and the baby she’s car­ry­ing. What ev­ery­one hoped was go­ing to man­age­able for the new­ly­weds be­comes fraught with un­der­ly­ing ten­sion when Hope wit­nesses an in­ti­mate parental bond­ing mo­ment be­tween Liam, St­effy and Kelly.

Af­ter in­ter­rupt­ing Liam (Scott Clifton) and St­effy (Jac­que­line MacInnes Wood) as they’re re­call­ing the day they be­came new par­ents and agree­ing they’re man­ag­ing the roles pretty well, a us­tered Hope (Annika Noelle) re­minds Liam that if they don’t leave they could well miss their rst

ul­tra­sound ap­point­ment to see their baby for the rst time! Try­ing to hide her ag­i­ta­tion that Liam put his phone on “do not dis­turb” to fo­cus his at­ten­tion on Kelly (and St­effy), Hope un­com­fort­ably watches her hus­band cradling the baby while he and St­effy marvel at her. Af­ter the tot is put back to bed, Hope’s dis­com­fort surges as St­effy says that once her and Liam’s baby is born, only they will know what’s best for their child. Thank­ing her step­sis­ter, Hope can only pray that St­effy’s right when she muses that the three of them are mak­ing a bet­ter fu­ture for their chil­dren... Those thoughts are soon tar­nished dur­ing Hope’s ul­tra­sound scan ap­point­ment when Liam chats fa­mil­iarly with Dr Phillips (Robin Given). Per­turbed to learn that the doc was also St­effy’s at­tend­ing OB/GYN when she had Kelly, Hope tries bury­ing her mis­giv­ings as she and Liam ad­mire the im­age of their child they’ve been given. Her feel­ings are only height­ened, though, by St­effy’s need for help with Kelly – and Hope’s left alone as her hus­band rushes off to be the du­ti­ful daddy. Wrestling with her feel­ings, Hope turns to her mother for ad­vice and Brooke (Kather­ine Kelly Lang) of­fers wise words of con­so­la­tion when she tear­fully ad­mits that it hurts to see St­effy and Liam so close. Their bond with Kelly is nat­u­rally un­break­able and she fears theirs is, too.

Baby bond­ing sud­denly takes on a fright­en­ing new di­men­sion as Hope suf­fers preg­nancy pains, leav­ing her and Liam fear­ful for their un­born child’s well­be­ing! Con­sult­ing Dr Phillips, they are ner­vous wrecks as they await di­ag­no­sis and, although it’s just a scare, they’re grate­ful for St­effy’s con­cern for them. Once again, the three par­ents re­solve to per­ma­nently put aside their dif­fer­ences for the sake of their chil­dren... but Ridge’s (Thorsten Kaye) stun­ning move pro­vokes a new air of dark griev­ance!

An­nounc­ing that only the In­ti­mates or Hope for the Fu­ture fash­ion col­lec­tions can sur­vive the weighty de­mands on For­rester Cre­ations’ bud­get, Ridge promptly puts his daugh­ter and step­daugh­ter at odds again! Both women stand up for the lines they’ve per­son­ally spear­headed and, with ten­sions threat­en­ing to erupt, St­effy pro­poses that Hope should do the right thing and step down from Hope for the Fu­ture!

Horri ed at the sug­ges­tion, Hope again con­sults Brooke for ad­vice and is blind­sided by her mother’s re­ac­tion to the news. Up­set at St­effy’s lat­est tac­tic, Brooke bluntly sug­gests St­effy wants to kill off Hope’s fash­ion line as re­venge against Hope for mar­ry­ing Liam! De­spite not want­ing to be­lieve St­effy could be so ma­li­cious af­ter reg­u­larly propos­ing peace be­tween them, Hope frets that her mother could well be right this time. TVS

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