6 tips to help you slim down this Spring

TV Soap - - You Said It - By Louise Belle BHSc (Nut Med)

Spring has sprung! The weather is warm­ing, the birds are singing, the blos­soms are bloom­ing and we are head­ing out­doors. If you overindulged this win­ter your shorts might be feel­ing a lit­tle snug. This is the per­fect chance to com­mit to a life­style change to shed those ex­cess win­ter ki­los, and get your­self feel­ing healthy, en­er­getic and con­fi­dent! 1. Cut the carbs: Now don’t and pro­teins. Fun fact- did you know freak out. You don’t need to cut pro­tein has a higher ther­mic ef­fect of out carbs com­pletely, but it would food (TEF) com­pared to car­bo­hy­drates, be in the best in­ter­est of your waist which means your body burns more line to re­duce them- par­tic­u­larly the calo­ries to di­gest it?! re­fined ones. Ex­ces­sive in­take of 2. Be mind­ful: Mind­ful­ness is car­bo­hy­drates leads to ex­cess fat re­ally im­por­tant, but of­ten for­got­ten. If stor­age in the body. Re­duce bread, you are dis­tracted by the TV or talk­ing pasta, pizza, bis­cuits, donuts, cake, on the phone while you’re stuff­ing rice and other high-car­bo­hy­drate your face, your brain doesn’t have the foods in your diet and re­place with chance to reg­is­ter the amount of food low-carb op­tions such as veg­eta­bles you are con­sum­ing and wont sig­nal you to stop when you should. Take 3 deep breaths be­fore you start eat­ing, and re­ally fo­cus of the flavours and tex­tures of your meal. Try to be free of dis­trac­tions when you eat so your brain can tell you when enough is enough. 3. Stay hy­drated: Wa­ter, wa­ter and more wa­ter! Quite of­ten, thirst can be mis­taken as hunger, mak­ing you eat when you don’t ac­tu­ally need it. Drink wa­ter con­sis­tently through­out the day, and when you think you might be hun­gry, have a glass of wa­ter and wait for 15 min­utes- you might just be thirsty! Also, try hav­ing a glass of wa­ter be­fore each meal, as it will fill you up a lit­tle, re­duc­ing the risk of you over-eat­ing. 4. Set re­al­is­tic goals: If you aim toa lose 10 ki­los’ in a week, you are likely to fail and feel bad about your­self. Set your­self a steady goal of ½ a kilo a week and if you achieve more than this- it’s a bonus! Be fo­cused and write your­self a list of the changes you are go­ing to make. For ex­am­ple- Aim to walk 3 times per week, limit your­self to one soft drink per week, do some meal prep and eat din­ner at a ta­ble. Set your­self some goals that you can achieve! 5. Ditch the liq­uid calo­ries: Are you one to in­dulge in the reg­u­lar soft drink, bot­tled ice tea, caramel latte, milk­shake or glass of Moscato? Sip­ping on bev­er­ages that are high in calo­ries (and sugar) is one of the eas­i­est ways to put on weight! Be­cause they don’t fill you up, you are hav­ing th­ese calo­ries in ad­di­tion to the food you are eat­ing. Try cut­ting th­ese out and opt for wa­ter, black unsweet­ened cof­fee, herbal tea or a vodka lime and soda- if you must! 6. Do a Cleanse: Your liver is the ma­jor fat burn­ing or­gan of your body. When your liver is happy and func­tion­ing well, it will burn off ex­cess fat and choles­terol. When your liver is sad and slug­gish, its ca­pac­ity to burn fat is re­duced. Eat lots of fresh veg­eta­bles, fruit and lean pro­tein, re­duce re­fined car­bo­hy­drates and al­co­hol, avoid ex­ces­sive use of painkillers, drink plenty of wa­ter and sup­port your liver, gut and im­mune sys­tem with sup­ple­ments such as those in the Dr Cabot 15 Day Cleanse.

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