WHO is sexy Rex?

TV Soap - - Days Of Our Lives -

For a guy who sup­pos­edly de­scended into Salem from a space­ship along with twin sis­ter Cassie (Alexis Thorpe) dur­ing a me­teor shower, half-naked and wear­ing a skimpy tin­foil skirt, there was a lot of mys­tery and lot to ad­mire about the ge­net­i­cally blessed (lit­er­ally) Rex!

Ini­tially, it was be­lieved that Rex and Cassie, then known as the Gem­ini Twins, were ge­net­i­cally en­gi­neered pro­duc­tions of Ste­fano’s (Joseph Mas­colo) lu­natic hench­man Dr Rolf (Will Utay)! In re­al­ity, they were nally un­masked as the bi­o­log­i­cal off­spring of Ro­man ( Josh Tay­lor) and Kate (Lau­ren Koslow). Dur­ing Ro­man’s years as Ste­fano’s cap­tive (1981-84), the DiMera don har­vested Ro­man’s sperm and fer­tilised it, us­ing Kate’s ova (she was Ste­fano’s per­sonal pros­ti­tute at the time!). How­ever, Kate didn’t carry the twins; that oner­ous job went to Mar­lena ( Dei­dre Hall), Ste­fano’s ob­ses­sion, who was forced to act as Rex and Cassie’s sur­ro­gate in­cu­ba­tor un­til they were born. For awhile, it was also thought that Ste­fano’s son Tony (Thaao Pengh­lis) had fa­thered the twins with Mar­lena as their bio mum!

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