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Twelve months af­ter Kate re­called that Rolf had Rex and

Cassie ge­net­i­cally en­gi­neered, Rex is back in Salem and re­con­nect­ing with fam­ily and friends. Catch­ing up with

Ro­man, whose pre­vi­ous 2003 “mur­der” pre­vented a fa­ther/son bond form­ing, at the Brady Pub, Rex hap­pily tells him that, “I’m happy I turned out to be hu­man!” Run­ning into Brady af­ter­wards, Rex cor­rects Brady call­ing him “Brady,” re­ply­ing that he’s “Rex,” to which Brady says, “Why the hell not?” and shakes his hand – a know­ing wink to the fact that Kyle once played Mart­solf’s char­ac­ter! With the seem­ingly dead Rolf be­ing res­ur­rected and

Mimi brie y back in town, as well as Chloe co-man­ag­ing Doug’s Place, there’s a lot of peo­ple for Rex to in­ter­act with now he’s home. Never un­der­es­ti­mat­ing Rolf’s in­volve­ment, though, it could tran­spire that some­how Rex is re­ally Brady and Brady is re­ally Rex. Af­ter all, it’s Salem and any­thing can, and does, hap­pen! Re­mem­ber how John (Drake Ho­gestyn) spent ve years think­ing he was Rex’s dad Ro­man? TVS

Kate & Ro­man

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