Nat­u­ral rem­edy for post vi­ral fa­tigue

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IT’S BEEN a whop­per of a flu sea­son, don’t you think?

So many struck down with one va­ri­ety or an­other of the vi­ral ill­ness, and those of us who man­aged to dodge be­com­ing in­fected had to reach fre­quently for our favourite cold and flu pre­ven­ta­tives.

If you were one of those badly hit, did you have to take time off work or study?

More to the point, did you take time off?

If you didn’t, and the flu is still hang­ing on, may I sug­gest a nat­u­ral rem­edy.

Bat­tling a vi­ral in­fec­tion uses up an im­mense amount of en­ergy.

So does the in­flam­ma­tion that cre­ates the symp­toms like the aching joints and oceans of mu­cus.

That’s why you feel tired when you have the flu, and that’s why com­plete rest is a key strat­egy for re­cov­ery.

By “com­plete rest” I mean ex­tra time in bed, more sleep, or at least spend­ing time on the couch.

That’s be­cause when you rest your body gets a chance to gain the up­per hand over the virus and pre­vent the in­flam­ma­tory process be­com­ing chronic.

Your body can fo­cus all its en­er­gies on get­ting well again.

Alas, some folk in­sist on sol­dier­ing on re­gard­less of how their body is strug­gling.

They push them­selves out the door to work and gen­er­ally be­have as though noth­ing was hap­pen­ing.

Prob­lem is, this means the im­mune sys­tem never quite gets a chance to over­come the in­fec­tion prop­erly, and in­flam­ma­tory pro­cesses caus­ing fa­tigue, aches and pains can be­come chronic.

This doesn’t just hap­pen with the in­fluenza bug, but also with any of the mos­quito borne vi­ral in­fec­tions we get around here, like Ross River Virus, Barmah Virus and the like.

The key strat­egy to over­come them faster, and more com­pletely, is through com­plete rest.

Even though it’s frus­trat­ing to take time off work, say no to com­mu­nity com­mit­ments and de­cline party in­vi­ta­tions, rest is your key tac­tic.

If you choose to just sol­dier on, you can ex­pect you’ll be drag­ging your­self through many more weeks of feel­ing weary than if you had just come to a com­plete stop for a few days.

Worse, some of those symp­toms, like the aching joints and mus­cles, might not go.

So, if it seems the last time you felt re­ally well was be­fore you caught that flu, and if you just can’t seem to shake it off, per­haps you could en­gage the ef­fec­tive and very nat­u­ral strat­egy of com­plete rest.

When you rest your body gets a chance to gain the up­per hand over the virus and pre­vent the in­flam­ma­tory process be­com­ing chronic..

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