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Live ex­port scan­dal

AS YET an­other live ex­port scan­dal breaks, with footage show­ing the ag­o­nis­ing death of 2400 sheep on a live ex­port ship headed to Qatar, Kuwait and the UAE, in­dus­try spokes­men and their govern­ment apol­o­gists rush out the usual trite phrases about “one-off” events and warn­ing against “knee-jerk” re­ac­tions.

Maybe it’s time for a knee-jerk re­ac­tion. This is the term used by doc­tors for a test of re­flexes that in­di­cate the health or other­wise of the hu­man ner­vous sys­tem.

The live ex­port trade is a pro­found sick­ness in our so­ci­ety, and ig­nor­ing it and hop­ing yet an­other in­ci­dent of hideous cru­elty will soon be for­got­ten just makes the pa­tient, our com­mu­nity, that much sicker.

These thou­sands of sheep, many al­ready used, abused and un­wanted by the wool in­dus­try, died from ex­treme heat, many be­ing un­able to reach food and wa­ter and suf­fer­ing be­hind the bod­ies of their neigh­bours, who were left to rot on deck.

The ar­gu­ment that this is ac­cept­able be­cause farm­ers make money from it does not hold wa­ter: peo­ple make money from cig­a­rettes and il­licit drugs too, but we try to stamp out those evils.

Not only is live ex­port ap­pallingly aw­ful for the vic­tims, it is en­vi­ron­men­tally dev­as­tat­ing.

I au­thored a study a few years ago which es­ti­mated the to­tal CO2 emis­sions of Aus­tralian live ex­ports at ap­prox­i­mately 1.8 mil­lion tonnes, which puts the live-ex­port in­dus­try among the top 40 CO2 emit­ters in Aus­tralia. Stop­ping the trade would be equiv­a­lent to re­mov­ing ap­prox­i­mately 320,000 cars from Aus­tralian roads.

It’s well over time for a knee-jerk re­flex that will re­store both our moral and en­vi­ron­men­tal health by ban­ning this ob­scene in­dus­try.

— Des­mond Bel­lamy, PETA

Aus­tralia, By­ron Bay

Stop atroc­ity

THE only way to stop the atroc­i­ties that are com­mit­ted in the live­stock ex­port trade is to re­place it with a chilled/frozen car­cass ex­port trade. That trade will also gen­er­ate more “value-added” to our meat ex­ports and more on-shore jobs in Aus­tralia.

Why don’t we ALL con­cen­trate on bring­ing that about in­stead of al­low­ing the live­stock car­ry­ing ship own­ers and the peo­ple they bribe in Aus­tralia, to dic­tate the trade and per­pet­u­ate these atroc­i­ties?

— Peter Leith, Bo­gan­gar

Good ol’ days

MATHIAS Cor­mann ob­vi­ously wasn’t around when he says, gov­ern­ments can’t do what pri­vate en­ter­prise is bet­ter able to do. I re­mem­ber well when mail de­liv­er­ies were each morn­ing and af­ter­noon. Tele­phone call prob­lems were fixed over the phone in 10 min­utes or less. Trains were re­li­able and ran on time. Also, jobs were plen­ti­ful and em­ploy­ers were more amenable.

— Jim Banks, Pottsville Beach

Games cheer

I WISH to tell you that my let­ter ‘An Ode To Games’ printed in your pa­per on April 4, has been up­dated and is now a song and dance. I’m pleased to say that this song, ‘Wave Clap Cheer’ prais­ing the ath­letes skill, and wish­ing them well in the Com­mon­wealth Games, has been well re­ceived around the Tweed area. We are hop­ing that TV Chan­nel 7 may pick it up.

— Bet­tina Adams, Tweed

❝live Not only is ex­port ap­pallingly aw­ful for the vic­tims, it is en­vi­ron­men­tally dev­as­tat­ing... — Des­mond Bel­lamy

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