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MAK­ING the switch to so­lar just makes good sense. Right now, in­vest­ing in so­lar de­liv­ers se­ri­ous and im­me­di­ate re­turns. How so you might ask? We un­der­stand it can seem com­pli­cated to un­der­stand the real re­turns on a so­lar sys­tem, so we thought we’d break it down for you.

Ac­cord­ing to the Clean En­ergy Coun­cil the av­er­age hours of sun­light a day across the year is 4.2 hours, so we will use this as the base to cal­cu­late the so­lar gen­er­a­tion. Based on 4.2 hours a day, a 5kw sys­tem will gen­er­ate 21kw of clean en­ergy ev­ery day.

Now let’s say you self-con­sume 50%, or 11kw your to­tal so­lar gen­er­a­tion each day. Based on to­day’s av­er­age elec­tric­ity charges of 28c/kw, by cut­ting your reliance on the grid by 50%, you stand to make a sav­ing of $3.08 each day. That might not seem much but over the course of a year that’s $1124 back in your pocket. Then there’s the other 50% of your so­lar pro­duc­tion that you can ex­port back to the grid. Based on to­day’s av­er­age so­lar feed in tar­iffs you’re look­ing at any­where from 8 cents to 15 cents, de­pend­ing on your elec­tric­ity re­tailer. Let’s base our cal­cu­la­tions some­where in the mid­dle… if you are ex­port­ing the re­main­ing 50% at 12 cents per kw, that’s an­other sav­ing of $1.32 cents per day, or a fur­ther $481 a year you’ll save in elec­tric­ity costs. That’s a whop­ping to­tal of $1605 per year in sav­ings straight from the get go.

Now let’s say you want to fi­nance your so­lar sys­tem. The cost of a good qual­ity 5kw sys­tem will set you back ap­prox­i­mately $6000 (less than a third of the cost just five years ago). Based on a 5-year pay­back, with a $0 de­posit, you’re look­ing at monthly re­pay­ments of just over $100, or $1200.00 per an­num. So right now, you’re in front, with im­me­di­ate elec­tric­ity sav­ings de­liv­ered of $1605 per year and the sys­tem cost of $1200 on pay­back, you’re $405 in front. That’s a win.

We are gen­uinely pas­sion­ate about the ben­e­fits of a good qual­ity so­lar sys­tem de­signed to de­liver you real sav­ings. If you’re ready to take con­trol of your en­ergy fu­ture, and you’re look­ing for hon­est, trust­wor­thy ad­vice from your lo­cal en­ergy con­trac­tor, call SAE Group to­day on 1300 18 20 50. To find out more visit www.sae­

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