M’bah neigh­bours’ incredible courage couldn’t save driver

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A SIN­GLE shoe just out the front of Dan Bice’s front porch served as a stark re­minder to the life lost on his doorstep the night be­fore.

Just after 8pm on Mon­day, a car hit a guard rail on Ewing St, Mur­willum­bah, went through a gar­den, side-swiped trees on a steep em­bank­ment and crashed into his house.

Trag­i­cally, the driver – a 59year-old Mur­willum­bah man – died at the scene de­spite des­per­ate at­tempts by Mr Bice and neigh­bour An­drew Sims to save him.

Sur­vey­ing the man­gled gar­den the morn­ing after, the hum­ble pair said they didn’t con­sider them­selves heroes.

They were sim­ply men who did what they had to do in a time of need.

Mr Bice worked to free the man and turn the still-revving car off through the driver’s side door, while Mr Sims laid on the bon­net of the car and tried to keep the man’s heart pump­ing through the wind­screen.

Mr Bice’s wife called an am­bu­lance. When paramedics ar­rived the pair then helped free the man from the wreck, but he was de­clared dead at the scene.

“You see it in movies and think, ‘how do those guys do it?’,” Mr Sims said.

“Well, now I know … we both have ex­pe­ri­ence in CPR and we just acted, we didn’t think about it.

“We tried to keep his heart pump­ing to make sure the oxy­gen was still go­ing around his blood.

“I’ve been in Mur­willum­bah all my life and I was fear­ful I would look through the car win­dow and recog­nise the man.

“But I didn’t know him. I’m a sim­i­lar age and I’ve had phone calls of peo­ple con­cerned it was me.”

Mr Sims said he be­lieved the man had suf­fered a med­i­cal episode and had tried to get to the hospi­tal, which was very close to the crash site.

NSW Vol­un­teer Res­cue As­so­ci­a­tion Tweed District Res­cue Squad pres­i­dent, Drew Carr, said the men were heroes.

“Any­one who has the courage to help out is a hero in my book,” he said.

Tweed By­ron Po­lice District Chief In­spec­tor Mick Dempsey also praised the ac­tions of Mr Bice and Mr Sims.

He said in­quiries were con­tin­u­ing into the cause of the crash. There was min­i­mal dam­age to the out­side of the house and it re­mained struc­turally sound.

A re­port will be pre­pared for the coro­ner.

We tried to keep his heart pump­ing



HUM­BLE HEROES: Mur­willum­bah res­i­dent An­drew Sims at the scene of Mon­day night’s fa­tal car crash on Ewings St Mur­wi­ilum­bah. IN­SET: Emer­gency ser­vices at the scene.

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