Tweed Daily News : 2020-06-27

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Local news is here to stay David Kirkpatric­k Editor, The Northern Star The team at Tweed Daily News DDNE01Z01M­A - V1 Dear readers, It has been our privilege to serve our community and to tell your stories. Nothing will change on that score even as we today print our last hard copy, and move fulltime to a digital future. Print devotees, don’t worry. We have worked hard to make sure your love affair can continue. The region’s most significan­t stories will appear in the new regional paper edition of The Daily Telegraph, every Monday to Friday. It feels a bit like giving up our favourite children for adoption, but if someone is to take up newspaper leadership for this region, we can think of no better man than editor of The Daily Telegraph, Ben English. Yes he’s from Sydney and yes you’re more likely to find him on the end of a latte than a beer. But in journalism, that counts for nothing. Ben has serious cred. He’s worked in the regions, he knows when an issue needs the spotlight put on it. We want to welcome him to our readers. His job is made easier by the fact our teams are still on the ground reporting on the news that matters to you. We’ll be providing the ammunition for The Daily Telegraph pages. Our titles have been in the same stable for years. We’ve worked on issues together before, we’ve even been united in fighting for inequaliti­es in this state to be fixed. You’re going to be getting the best of both worlds – the regions and the cities; The Daily Telegraph and our website. We’re excited by it. We hope you are too – it’s the start of a new chapter.

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