You don’t see so many four-doors around. It’s funny get­ting in them now, be­cause they seem so small com­pared to a mod­ern car. I’m a sucker for the LC-LJ shape, I just think there’s noth­ing bet­ter look­ing on the road. That was my first car, a four-door SL, back in the early 80s. I fell in love with the shape and have owned Holdens ever since. My sec­ond car was an LC GTR and that was my daily driver for six years. About 10 years ago I de­cided to go back to my roots and got my­self an LJ GTR for a resto, and went on from there. When I went up to Tatura to see how the paint was go­ing on that car, they had this sit­ting out the front. They had just picked it up and were look­ing to ship it on. I had to have it – my first car! This is a nice thing to drive.

When I built the GTR, the process was more fun than fin­ish­ing it. The swap meets, the clubs, the peo­ple you chat tothe jour­ney was the im­por­tant thing.

I like the re­ac­tions you get when you take them for a drive. You pull up at a servo and peo­ple talk about their fam­i­lies hav­ing one, those sorts of sto­ries are great.

RIGHT This was a very ca­pa­ble com­pact fam­ily car.

TOP RIGHT Kevin Gar­cia bought back his first car.

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