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WHAT DID you do back in the day if you wanted your brand new WB States­man DeVille or Caprice to be a bit quicker and a lot more ex­clu­sive? You took it to the guys at HDT of course. The trans­for­ma­tion from reg­u­lar WB to HDT Mag­num con­sisted of a Group 3 spec 5.0lt V8 be­ing fit­ted, as well as Bil­stein dampers with low­ered springs, chrome rocker cov­ers, 15-inch al­loy wheels, MOMO steer­ing wheel, cold air in­take and many other mod­i­fi­ca­tions. Just over 100 of th­ese beau­ties ever saw the light of day, mak­ing them pretty darn rare, and I reckon they’ve aged very well. What could be bet­ter than an Aussie built bent-eight cruiser with a bit of Brock pedi­gree? And I reckon you’d never lose a dime if you took the plunge and bought one of th­ese things.

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