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Maybe you knew that the first pro­duc­tion car to have an elec­tric starter as stan­dard was the 1912 Cadil­lac Model 30. But you mightn’t know the sorry tale of how it came to be. Seems a good Sa­mar­i­tan by the name of By­ron Carter, way back when, stopped to help a lady mo­torist restart her stalled car. But it didn’t go well; the car back­fired and the crank han­dle clob­bered old By­ron in the face. He was taken to hospi­tal with a bro­ken jaw which got in­fected and he died of gan­grene. But he hap­pened to be a per­sonal friend of Cadil­lac founder Henry Le­land, who vowed he would rid the world of this dan­ger­ous men­ace. He even­tu­ally did too.

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