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Just read is­sue 405. Hats of f ! Some great ob­ser va­tions re­gard­ing en­gine rum­bles. We got fake rum­bles now?

I’ve had V8s most of my life and four years ago, I was for­tu­nate enough to pick up a 2012 Boss 302 La­guna Seca. It’s worth read­ing up on the R and D that went into this weapon: Coy­ote a ll-a lloy quad-cam, quad va lve, quad ex haust. It has

the best cammy rum­ble and the crack le on the down­shift on the track and back roads in our hin­ter­land is sec­ond to none.

Re­gard­ing t his stop/ sta rt bull­shit: An­other un­nec­es­sar y cost bur­den? Well, I was a f irie in t he cit y in the 60s and we had a clas­sic photo of t he Sydney Har­bour Bridge nearly cov­ered in smog. We have cleaned up our act. Bob Dar­ragh, Tal­lai, QLD

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