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Who would have thought that a car that looked so happy be­ing hoicked side­ways on nar­row, slip­pery rally roads would 35 years later find fame while be­ing held side­ways on smooth and grippy race cir­cuits. In the brave new sport of ‘drift­ing’ the AE86 Sprinter (aka Levin) won’t of­ten be found in stock me­chan­i­cal con­di­tion. How­ever the chunky shape and tiny wheel­base make for pin-sharp ac­cu­racy and con­trol, even when a 300kW turbo trans­plant en­gine is tear­ing shreds off the back tyres. Some­thing stock like the ad car can now cost $20,000, fully kit­ted drift weapons dou­ble that num­ber.

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