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These cars came gen­er­ally with the same Group 3 V8 as the HDT VH Com­modore. Al­ter­ations in­cluded mod­i­fied cylin­der heads and ex­haust ex­trac­tors but ev­ery­thing in­side the en­gine is pretty much Holden; sim­ple to ob­tain and re­pair. Oil leaks are com­mon but only need im­me­di­ate at­ten­tion if it’s re­ally gush­ing out of a rear main seal. Look at en­gine and trans­mis­sion mounts for cracks and per­ished rubber. New mounts at un­der $150 a set are worth­while. Ex­haust man­i­folds can leak and ex­haust sys­tems are prone to be­ing crushed by speed bumps due to min­i­mal clear­ance. The trans­mis­sion is tough and cheap to fix if it does fail. Jerky up­shifts are typical but a ‘box that slurs changes or takes more than a sec­ond to en­gage gears is due for a re­build.

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