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Once aga in I have been spurred on by Tor rens buy ing yet a not her ba rga in. Guido too, act ua l ly. That’s a lot of ca r for t he money, Guy, a nd would have been a g reat in­ter­state hauler on t he way home. ( John is re­fer r ing to t he Soa rer we picked up in Br isba ne – Ed.)

I have a rea l sof t spot for t he VC Com­modore t hat Glenn has just bought a nd a lso t he V H SL/E, which is a rea l favour ite.

A ny way not to be out­done I have in­cluded a pic of my lat­est pur­chase for t he pr i ncely sum of $1500. Yep t hat’s r ig ht. A V T ser ies 2 Ca la is wit h a LS1 a nd f ul l leat her! It has four months of rego a nd V E SS a l loys.

We repa ired t he small power steer ing cooler line which had a small lea k a nd gave it a pol­ish a nd away we go.

Is t his a f ut ure clas­sic, maybe? Maybe not, but for $1500 who ca res?

Dave Mor­ley might re­mem­ber me as I sent him a email a few months ago about our V N SS own­er­ship.

A ny way boys keep up t he good work a nd liv ing t he drea m. ED: Good on you Jason, you def­i­nitely win the prize for bar­gain buy of the month – that’s a good-look­ing car. Okay, who else has picked up a bar­gain? Drop us a line and a pic!

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