$110,000 SHANNONS, LOT 74

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THE FAC­TORY GT-HO rac­ers were painted in the hero hue of Ver­mil­lion Fire, like this XY-GT. It’s 1 of 22 built to this spec and apart from the HO, the most col­lectible Ford mus­cle car to come out of Broad­mead­ows. It has re­cently been given a me­chan­i­cal once-over and its orig­i­nal ra­dio was popped back in the dash. It has a GT-HO front spoiler, GT-HO rear brakes and a 36-gal­lon tank, so it’s not to­tally orig­i­nal to­day but still a damn fine ex­am­ple of this sought af­ter Fal­con. Im­por­tantly it has a re­port ver­i­fy­ing its orig­i­nal iden­tity.

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