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Wow g uys. I’ve been watch­ing over t he last few edit ions for stor ies about what I may have lurk ing in my ga rage. I’ve had a BMW 840 for a round 10 yea rs, a nd she is r umoured as one of t he last ones into Aus. She’s a 1999 840 Ci (a) In­div idua l, t hey were t he last bui lds a nd spe­cia l order, a nd mine is ro­man­tic red, crea m leat her a nd a nt hracite hood lin­ing a nd t r im, she’s only just past 50,000 k m a nd is in prett y much as new con­dit ion.

I drive her as much as needed to keep her in rea l ly good con­dit ion a nd OMG what a huge a mount of launch torque t hey have, it’s a l most i mpos­si­ble to lose t ract ion so ever y t hing in­clud­ing spleens t r y to re­main stat iona r y as t he t hi ng rock­ets for ward.

Mine is ver y di f fer­ent to a lot t hat I have seen, wit h t he M-spec mir­rors, seats, rocker t r im a nd ot her bits a nd pieces t hat a re on t he bui ld sheet.

A ny way I’ve at­tached a cou­ple of pics.

A nd t he t hree ca rs I most reg ret sel l i ng: 1974 HQ Monaro four-door 350 auto in aqua marine pur­chased for $4500 in 1982 sold to a mate for 6k; 1981 SL/E Com­modore (Brock) black over si lver, Irm­scher wheels a nd Brock sus­pen­sion a nd en­gine t wea ks, pur­chased 1988 sold to a mate for 9k; A nd a 1983 V H Brock Group 3 SS in white pur­chased 1990 a nd aga in sold to a mate for 15k.

Oh how I hate t he say ing 20-20 hind­sig ht ! Love t he mag, a nd look for ward to it ever y month. It makes t he leader of t he op­posit ion more t ha n ner vous as I ogle t he beaut ies wit hin t he pages. Keep up t he g reat work. Ro­han Lewis ED: They may not still be in the garage, Ro­han, but at least you got to play with them. Nice 840, by the way…lucky man.

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