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Al­loy cylin­der heads gave trou­ble even when new, so in­spect­ing the dip-stick for sludgy oil emul­sion is vi­tal. Oil leaks aren’t by them­selves se­ri­ous but can be symp­toms of head-gas­ket fail­ure. En­gine in­ter­nals are rel­a­tively ex­pen­sive; new parts in­clud­ing pis­tons, valves and camshafts adding up to more than $3000. Noisy tim­ing chains at start up need re­place­ment and in­stalling the bot­tom chain is time con­sum­ing. Clutch shud­der can be due to wear or oil on the fac­ings. Driv­e­line vi­bra­tion can be caused by wear to the drive­shaft cen­tre bear­ing or rub­ber-mounted front cou­pling.

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