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There’s plenty in­side an E46 to re­pair or re­place so avoid cars that show no­tice­able trim wear or faded plas­tics. Make sure that elec­tric seat ad­justers have not frozen from lack of use and that the air­con­di­tioner de­liv­ers cold air. Some A/C parts can only be sourced from BMW and are ex­pen­sive. One fea­ture of th­ese cars was the spe­cial and quite com­plex sound sys­tem fit­ted to later mod­els. Take some time to have the ven­dor ex­plain how (and if) the var­i­ous fea­tures work. Do the same with the mul­ti­func­tion dash dis­play screen. Re­place­ment head­lights are ex­pen­sive; check for frosted re­flec­tors or cracks.

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