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Benz bodies were well-pro­tected but panel re­pairs, ex­po­sure to salt and ne­glect will al­low rust to get a hold. Most sig­nif­i­cant and likely to write off a cheap car will be rot around the rear sub-frame mounts which needs to be checked on a hoist. More ob­vi­ous will be bub­bling to the wheel-arches and sills, around the wind­screen and sun­roof aper­ture. En­sure that the elec­tric top on Cabri­o­lets op­er­ates with­out shud­der­ing and that it can be se­cured to the wind­screen with­out ex­ces­sive force. New body pan­els are still avail­able but sec­ond-hand when re­fur­bish­ing a low-value car is best. A used grille costs less than $250. Look hard at head­lights for de­te­ri­o­ra­tion to re­flec­tors. Th­ese might skate through a road­wor­thy in­spec­tion but leave the buyer with a $1000 bill for two new light units.

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