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Worn vinyl is sim­ple and cheap to re­place but be cau­tious of a col­lapsed seat struc­ture that will en­tail some ex­pense sourc­ing re­place­ments. Check that the seats move easily and lock in place. Early in­di­ca­tor stalks in Mark 1 cars (the ones with the blink­ing in­di­ca­tor warn­ing light at the end) are flimsy so en­sure it hasn’t been glued into the col­umn. Nor­mal British elec­tri­cal is­sues can be ex­pected, in­clud­ing re­luc­tance to run if rain finds its way un­der the bon­net and wipers that don’t. Make sure that the floor-mounted dip­switch does brighten and dim the lights.

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