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SYD­NEY DEALER and col­lec­tor Alex Hol­land says there is still value in the Euro mar­ket, if you know where to look. He points to a su­per-clean mid-1970s BMW 633 in his show­room as an ex­am­ple, priced at $29,000. “Seven­ties and eight­ies are cer­tainly tak­ing off,” he says, “but the chal­lenge for us to­day is find­ing good qual­ity ex­am­ples. And we spend most of our time look­ing and search­ing around Aus­tralia. “We don’t gen­er­ally im­port. We’ve got enough cars in this coun­try but, say­ing that, it can be hard to source them.” So what’s worth buy­ing? “Any­thing that’s of qual­ity, such as 633 or 635 BMW or a 280CE Mercedes coupe at mid-twen­ties. Even­tu­ally Tri­umph Stags will come good, and I think they’re al­ready be­ing chased and go­ing up in value. “Even some­thing a lit­tle more mod­ern, such as Mercedes SL320, is worth a look. It’s a sen­sa­tional car. “We love all our Porsches, and 928s are still a rel­a­tively af­ford­able car. Any­thing half de­cent will be in midthir­ties-plus. A lot of car for the money. “Old Rolls and old Bent­ley are un­der­priced. A Bent­ley Ar­nage, a $600,000 car, is now around $100,000. – that was the fastest four­door car avail­able at the time.”

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