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hope Mrs Wal­lent never reads Unique­Cars. But I sym­pa­thise with Dad try­ing to nav­i­gate his way through all this lat­est tech­nol­ogy with­out a guide. Ac­tu­ally, it’s a very good point to make and I reckon the car-mak­ing world has got it a lit­tle bit back­wards when it comes to in­tro­duc­ing the lat­est high-tech­ery.

See, tra­di­tion­ally, the lat­est , high-end and clever stuff has found its way into the su­per-deluxo mod­els first. That’s be­cause older, cashed-up buy­ers are the only ones who can af­ford it. But my con­tention is that they’re ac­tu­ally the last peo­ple who want it or will ac­tu­ally use it. Now, my old man is a prod­uct of his gen­er­a­tion, which is to say pig-headed and short-tem­pered. Not to men­tion that he just doesn’t want to know about learn­ing new things. So, for him, the lat­est sat-nav or in­fo­tain­ment screen would be about as use­ful as mod­ern pad­dle-shifters. Sure, they work beau­ti­fully, but he’ll never bother to use them. Fact is, they’ll only ever dis­tract him or an­noy him that he had to shell out for some­thing he doesn’t want to know about. For Dad, you see, Blue­tooth was a pi­rate and An­droid is some­thing you can get cream for at the chemist.

I‘m also quite cer­tain dear old Dad would scratch his scone over the idea that a mo­bile phone in a cra­dle is fine to use on the run, but a hand-held unit is not. And as for need­ing lane-de­par­ture warn­ing… well, that’d be an­other ex­am­ple of us fid­dling with nat­u­ral se­lec­tion. (Ac­tu­ally, I’m kind of with him there. Just don’t tell him.)

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