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I’m not the only knuckle-head who finds ev­ery­day stuff like chang­ing plug leads a chal­lenge. I haven’t had to do a clutch in a Mark II Esky, but my own, per­sonal beef with the de­sign­ers of this fine, fam­ily trans­port mod­ule is that the camshaft has to come out through the rear cam bear­ing. Which means you ei­ther re­move the dash­board, use a hole saw to per­ma­nently maim the fire­wall and drag the bump­stick out through the in­te­rior, or you pull the whole head off. I’ve done a cou­ple of th­ese now, and while whip­ping the head off is the log­i­cal so­lu­tion, you’ll still find your­self stand­ing around in the garage, scratch­ing your bum and won­der­ing aloud if it needed to be this com­pli­cated.

As for your Caprice and its rel­a­tive rar­ity, I reckon you’d need to talk to some­body at Holden re­gard­ing build num­bers. Maybe some­body from one of the rel­e­vant car clubs would know, too. Bueller? Bueller?

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